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An excellent product, competitive compensation and top-notch support

Our Sales Partners are fundamental to our success. So, we are committed to theirs. Become a SpotOn Sales Partner and you’ll have everything you need to build long-term relationships based upon trust, reliability and ethics.

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What Is SpotOn?

What Is SpotOn?

Founded in 2010, SpotOn drives traffic to merchants and creates loyal customers in ways traditional marketing can't. Our technology helps small to medium sized businesses, in all categories, grow revenue through building relationships with their customers.

In 2016, we integrated our technology with credit card processing, making SpotOn the first company to bring together, in one place, Payment Processing, Marketing, Reviews, Loyalty and Customer Analytics. These tools are critical to growing a business and when combined and connected, the value increases exponentially.

Why SpotOn?

  • Endless opportunity
    Any merchant or business is a potential client—from a retail boutique, to an auto repair shop, to a professional services business.
  • Regular income and bonuses
    Sales Partners are eligible for upfront bonuses, monthly bonuses, residual income and a $5000 per month draw. And, build long term, sustainable financial growth with residual income, which you get on every account you sign.
  • Be an Independent Contractor or W2 employee
    Be an Independent Contractor and work at a pace that is comfortable for you—full-time and fast paced or part-time. And, if you’re looking for an opportunity as a W2 employee, we have a program for that, too.
  • Support
    Our service and support staff is only a phone call away, dedicated to answering questions and providing first class service.
  • Professional growth
    We’ll help you establish long-term business-to-business relationships with your merchants, with you as their go-to resource.
  • Our commitment
    We will provide you with the products, support, and compensation to make this a viable means of income and career growth.
Why SpotOn?

Our Products

From one platform, SpotOn gives merchants the power to:

  • Credit Card processing with transparent pricing and no hidden fees
  • An easy-to-understand, virtual command center to run and grow their business
  • Directly communicate with their customers
  • Understand their customers--know who's new, who returns, how often they visit, what they purchase and more
  • Improve ratings when our algorithm identifies their best customers and when to request reviews
  • See Marketing impact on business and know which campaigns are most profitable and worth repeating
  • Use behavioral data to make smart marketing decisions, increase customer traffic and positively impact revenue
Our Products


We are obsessive about making sure you have the support you need as a SpotOn Sales Partner. You say jump, we say how HIGH. You’ll have:

  • A dedicated Sales Support team to manage, support and provide step-by-step training on everything you need to know
  • Resources at the Corporate Office to review merchants’ statements and create quick, individualized, proposals to acquire accounts
  • A Partner Portal, continuously updated with training content and working documents to evolve and build your product expertise
  • Consistent and continual training through various formats (conference calls, webinars, video conferences)
  • Help is only a phone call away with service and support staff at our Corporate Headquarters in San Francisco’s Financial District


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