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3 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Loyalty Program

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Topics: Loyalty

June 4, 2019

Loyalty reward programs are a proven vehicle for promoting repeat visits from customers, but even the best loyalty programs need to be refreshed periodically. If you never update your loyalty program, you risk one of your competitors coming in with a more innovative program and stealing them away. Here are three tips for keeping your loyalty program fresh and ensuring your loyal customers stay that way.

1. Mix up Your Rewards

Over time, you will find that certain rewards are redeemed more often, while others remain virtually untouched. Make sure you’re tinkering with your reward offerings on a regular basis to continually refine your program and keep your regulars from getting bored. Here are some strategies to try:

  • Keep your high-performing rewards—no sense in fixing something that isn’t broken
  • Try lowering how many points are needed to earn low-performing rewards, and if they still underperform, remove them from your reward offerings
  • Add new, easily attainable seasonal rewards at least every two months so that you are always offering something that is both unique and desirable since it’s only available for a limited time
  • Add a new high-end reward a couple of times a year for your VIP customers to earn something that sets them apart

2. Encourage Referrals

Your best marketers are your happiest customers, so encourage them to spread the word about your loyalty program. There are two easy ways to do this. First, make sure your staff is trained to thank customers who redeem rewards and politely ask them to tell their friends.

Second, make sure your loyalty program is set up so customers can earn loyalty points when they talk about your business on social media. With SpotOn Loyalty, it’s simple to do just that. Simply go to your settings page and assign how many spots customers earn for following your business page, liking posts, and sharing posts with friends.

Facebook Loyalty Rewards

3. Offer Automated Rewards

Running a business is a lot of work, and oftentimes it isn’t feasible to update your loyalty program as frequently as you like, but that’s okay. That’s what software automation is for. By using automated campaign tools within a digital loyalty program, you can send rewards to customers on special occasions so they are getting the personalized attention they need to make them feel like the special customer they are.

With SpotOn Loyalty, you can quickly set up three automated rewards that require little to no upkeep and deliver automatically:

  1. Enrollment reward: this is a reward you can set up to encourage people to sign up for your loyalty program and get a taste of what they can expect as a repeat visitor.
  2. Birthday reward: this is a reward that is automatically sent to a customer on their birthday, ensuring that they know you’re thinking about them on their special day.
  3. Lapsed customer reward: this is a reward you can send when a loyalty customer hasn’t visited and checked in for a while. It’s a great way to remind them what they love about your business and encourage them visit soon.

Need help refreshing your SpotOn Loyalty program? Our Customer Engagement Team is here to help. Email the team at engagement@spoton.com and they’ll reach out to you ASAP.

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