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4 Back-To-School Marketing Ideas

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Topics: Marketing

September 9, 2019

September is here and that means it’s back-to-school season for not only students, but also small businesses. Even if your business doesn't sell school supplies, you can still capitalize on this back-to-school season by offering discounts and deals to teachers, students, and parents who can utilize your services or products. Here are four marketing ideas that can help get customers in your doors while schools are reopening theirs.

1. Send Back-to-School Marketing Emails and Deals

A marketing email informs your customers that you are offering products and services that are perfect for the back-to-school season. However, just informing your customers might not be enough to get them in the door. That’s why it is important to follow up with a special back-to-school promotional deal.

If you’re using SpotOn, you can easily send a deal using one of our seasonal templates, both via email and the SpotOn consumer app so that our active user base of shoppers is alerted to your deal and has all the incentive they need to come in.

2. Make a Relevant Tie-in to Back-to-School

It’s always important to create a relevant connection to the season, holiday, or event you are basing your marketing campaign around. Even if you don’t sell school supplies, you can still take part in this back-to-school season by getting creative and offering deals or specials that appeal to students, teachers, and/or parents. Here are a few examples:

  • Hair salons can offer deals for back-to-school haircuts for kids trying to look their best
  • A coffee shop can start a digital loyalty rewards program with students and teachers (e.g. buy 5 get one free) to encourage repeat visits
  • Auto Shops can offer discounted services for student drivers, parents, teachers and other school staff

3. Provide Special Discounts to Teachers

It has become the norm for teachers in the US to pay out-of-pocket for their students’ school supplies. According to a 2018 Department of Education survey, around 94% of public-school teachers report spending money on necessary school supplies. Reward your hard working local educators by creating deals exclusively for them. It’s a great way to attract a new segment of loyal customers while simultaneously making their lives a little easier.

4. Donate to a Local School to Build Goodwill and Brand Loyalty

A great way to stand out is to build a marketing campaign around giving back to your local schools. The main idea is to earmark a certain amount of your profits during the back-to-school season and donate it to a charitable cause—paying off school lunches, sponsoring a school sports team, donating to the computer lab, or whatever else your local schools might need. (Just make sure to contact them in advance to see how you can help!)

The next step is to spread the word. Let your customers know that you’re raising money for your local school system and that a percentage of all the money they spend at your business will go directly to this cause. Then, make sure to take lots of pictures and video, both when customers make big purchases and when you donate the raised money or items to the school, so you can share your goodwill on social media and via email.

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