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4 Easy Spring Marketing Campaigns

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Topics: Marketing

April 16, 2019

Spring is officially here, and as the weather begins to warm up, people are antsy to get outside, go shopping, and eat at their favorite restaurants. That means it is a great time to reach out to your customers with a spring-themed marketing campaign. To get you started, here are 4 reasons to send a marketing campaign this spring.

1. Announce Seasonal Products, Services, and Events

Send an email wishing your customers a happy spring and let them know about any spring events you’re hosting, as well as any new or seasonal products and services you have.

SpotOn Tip: Take a high-quality photo of your spring offerings and then Use our “Classic” email template in your SpotOn Dashboard so you can upload the photo as the header image of your marketing email.

2. Send Spring Deals

Make sure to offer a spring deal to create that extra incentive your customers need to stop by and remind them why they love your business.

SpotOn Tip: Use our Campaign Wizard from within your SpotOn dashboard to create a new spring deal. In addition to getting emailed to all your customers, it will go on your social media channels, and out to the massive user base of people on the SpotOn consumer mobile app.

3. Send Holiday-Specific Emails and Deals

In addition to general spring-related marketing campaigns, make sure to contact your customers leading up to specific holidays, too.SpotOn Spring Marketing Templates

  • Easter – 04/21
  • Earth Day – 04/22
  • National Superhero Day – 04/28
  • Cinco de Mayo – 05/05
  • Mother’s Day – 05/12
  • National Pizza Party Day 05/17
  • Memorial Day – 05/27

SpotOn Tip: Use our premade templates from within your dashboard to quickly and easily create campaigns.

4. Keep at It into the Summer

99 Reasons to Contact Your CustomersThink of spring as a warm-up leading into the busy summer season. Make a point of sending out regular emails and deals and your customers will know to be on the lookout for them and visit more often.

SpotOn Tip: Download our free guide “99 Reasons to Contact Your Customers” for more ideas and occasions for sending campaigns to your customers.

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