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5 Easy Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

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Topics: Marketing

February 11, 2020

Valentine’s Day is here and, love it or hate it, it’s a great opportunity for you to connect with your customers and get a nice boost in business. Particularly with the SpotOn platform, it’s a simple matter to deliver a Valentine’s day marketing campaigns to your customers via email, social media, and mobile phone notifications. To help you get the most from the holiday, here are 5 quick and easy Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns.

1. Wish Your Customers a Happy Valentine’s Day

If you do nothing else, at least give your customers a little love by wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day and letting them know how much you appreciate their business. With SpotOn, you can do this easily right from your SpotOn Dashboard online or even from your mobile phone using our free Business Dashboard mobile app. We have ready-to-go Valentine’s Day email templates that make it quick and easy to send a great looking email in minutes. Just type in your message and send!

SpotOn Valentines Day Marketing Templates

2. Send a Valentine’s Deal

If you have any products or services that make for a good Valentine’s Day gift, offer a discount on them and let your customers know. Don’t be afraid to think outside the heart-shaped box either! You don’t have to be a jeweler or florist to get in on the Valentine’s Day action. Many people are looking for unique gift ideas since the holiday has become so commercialized, so create a deal for whatever product or service that makes your business stand out. There’s also a great opportunity to target single people with products or services that are well suited to Valentine’s Day alternatives, such as Galentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, or Self Love Day. Once again, SpotOn makes it easy to send deals that are easily redeemed during checkout, so once you’ve identified your deal, make sure to spread the word wide and far.

3. Host a Valentine’s Day Event

To really boost traffic on Valentine’s Day, host a Valentine-themed event. The key is finding that intersection point between what makes your business unique and what your customers are looking for on Valentine’s Day—one of the most polarizing holidays out there. If you cater largely to couples and families, then keep it traditional and go with a romantic theme. If you cater largely to singles or people who otherwise tend not to conform to traditional ideas about Valentine’s Day, then consider something like a singles party, a meet and greet, live music, or even a trivia game night with romantic couples competing against single people.

4. Run a Contest on Social Media

Contests are a great way to improve your reach on social media to gain both more followers and new customers. Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for doing just that. As with an onsite event, you want to make sure your contest idea is well targeted to your customers and how they feel about the holiday. You could ask customers to share their most romantic personal story, their worst date story, share photos of how they are pampering themselves, or anything and anything in between. Then pick a winner and gift them with one of your most popular products or services.

5. Make it Personal

A great way to build brand loyalty is by humanizing your business, so don’t forget about yourself and your staff on Valentine’s Day. If you are giving gifts to your employees or having an employee party, make sure to grab photos and video to share on social media or your monthly email newsletter. Likewise, encourage your staff to share their Valentine’s Day selfies with you to share online, and be sure to grab some of yourself, however it is you choose to personally spread the love this holiday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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