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5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs SpotOn's New Dine-In Ordering

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Topics: Restaurants, Product Updates

July 13, 2020

SpotOn is thrilled to announce Dine-In Ordering for restaurants. Built upon our innovative online ordering platform, our new Dine-In Ordering service allows customers to come to your restaurant, scan a QR code at the table, and then order and pay right from their phone, without ever having to touch a menu or a credit card. The new technology is perfect for restaurants adapting to COVID-19 restrictions. It’s also built for the future of your restaurant beyond the pandemic with time-saving features for both your staff and your customers—without requiring the purchase of expensive table kiosks or other hardware. Here are five ways Dine-In Ordering from SpotOn can help your restaurant.

1. Promote Social Distancing

Maintaining distance and limiting contact between people is key to preventing the spread of coronavirus. Dine-In Ordering minimizes the number of in-person interactions your staff needs to have with guests by making it easy for the guests to browse your menu and order right from their phone at the comfort of their table.SpotOn Dine-In Ordering Tent Card

2. Easily Adapt to Outdoor Dining Restrictions

Many cities and states require that restaurants limit dining room capacity or only serve patrons in outdoor seating areas. Thanks to the fact that Dine-In Ordering is integrated with SpotOn Restaurant—our best-in-class, cloud based POS system—you can easily change table layouts or even add new outdoor dining areas in real-time, right from your POS.

3. Go Contactless

Contactless payments have surged in popularity, driven by consumer fear of touching frequently touched surfaces in public places. Dine-In ordering can help you address these fears by enabling your customers to pay from their phone. It also bypasses traditional print menus, another frequently touched object. You still maintain full control of the customer experience, of course, with the option to have customers "pay later" if you want, so as to create a more traditional experience. If you go that route, we recommend you utilize our Handheld POS to provide contactless payment options at the table.SpotOn Dine-In Mobile Ordering

4. Interact with Orders in Real-Time from Your SpotOn POS

Dine-In Ordering is fully integrated with SpotOn Restaurant POS, giving you complete control over both your menu and each individual order. If a customer requires a modification to their meal, it’s a simple matter to update it from any POS station. If the kitchen needs to 86 an item, the change is reflected in real-time on your Dine-In Ordering menu so customers can’t order it, eliminating confusion and the need to substitute orders that have already been placed.

5. Improve Table Turn-Times, Now and After the Pandemic

In addition to sending orders to your POS, Dine-In Ordering also sends orders directly to your kitchen, helping improve efficiency, particularly during the ongoing pandemic when you may be operating with reduced staff. In addition, Dine-In Ordering is built upon the same platform as our Online Ordering, creating a seamless experience for your customers, whether they order take-out, delivery, or dine-in. Orders can be placed right from your website or with our free consumer mobile app, with numerous time-saving features, including the ability to save previous orders and credit card information.

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