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5 Signs It’s Time for a New POS System for Your Restaurant

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Topics: Restaurants

February 25, 2020

Running a restaurant successfully comes down to a whole lot more than just cooking tasty food. There are dozens of different processes that all have to be well managed so that they work in harmony—everything from the menu to table layouts, employee schedules, payroll, inventory, marketing, and more. With the right POS you can optimize these processes across the board, enabling you to grow revenue by serving more customers, cutting labor costs, and creating new revenue streams. But how do you know if your POS system is helping or hindering your business? Here are five signs it might be time to upgrade your restaurant POS system.

1. Your POS Is Slow or Hard to Use

Everyone across your organization is using your POS in one manner or another, whether it’s at the front-of-house or back-of-house. If your POS menus are difficult to navigate or if the system is simply slow, as is often the case with older on-premise POS systems, then you are flushing time and money down the drain. A modern cloud-based POS like SpotOn Restaurant can instantly boost productivity. In addition to being lightning-fast, it’s easy to train your staff on, and easy to use. It literally makes everyone’s job easier and faster.

2. Your POS System Crashes or Needs to Reboot Often

Your restaurant is dead in the water any time your POS crashes or even needs to be rebooted to do things like update menu changes. Once again, cloud-based systems are superior in that there’s no central computer or server that you’re reliant on, and no reason your system is ever down. With SpotOn Restaurant, we even equip you with a wireless backup router so that your system is always up and running, even when your internet service goes down. Cloud-based POS systems also allow you to make real-time updates such as menu items, pricing events, and employee permissions that go into effect without having to reboot stations.

3. Your POS Doesn’t Accept All Payments Options

If you can’t accept all the various forms of payments consumers prefer these days, then you’re missing out. Study after study shows that customers are more likely to spend more and tip better when they can pay with the method of their choice. Your POS system and/or tableside ordering handhelds should allow you to accept EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. If not, it’s time to upgrade.

4. Your POS Doesn’t Have Integrated Online Ordering

As our lives get busier, more and more people are looking for delivery and take-out food. That means if you don’t have the ability to offer online ordering from your website, you’re missing out on a huge revenue opportunity. With SpotOn Restaurant, we’ll work closely with you to build your custom online menu so that customer orders from your website get sent directly to your POS system, without any of the back-breaking commissions that third-party ordering companies charge.

5. Your POS Doesn’t Give You the Data You Need

With the food service market continuing to get more competitive, it’s essential that you have real-time data and insights available to you to see which items are selling, which aren’t, when you’re over- or under-staffed, and so much more. If your POS doesn't’ provide reporting that is both comprehensive and easy to understand, then it’s definitely time for a new modern system.

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