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5 Ways SpotOn Reserve Can Help You Book More Reservations and Reduce Costs

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Topics: Restaurants, Product Updates

August 11, 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of SpotOn Reserve. Built to power reservations, waitlisting, server rotations, and enhance the guest experience, SpotOn Reserve is an innovative, front-of-house solution for full-service restaurants. Even for restaurants that don't traditionally require reservations, now more than ever, it's crucial to create a contactless environment, promote social distancing, and manage capacity constraints. SpotOn Reserve makes it easy to do just that, and in most cases, we can get your restaurant set up in as few as 48 hours. Here are five ways SpotOn Reserve can help you grow revenue and cut costs, now and in the future.

1. Make it Easy for Your Customers to Book Reservations

When making a reservation, one of the first things most people do is search 'restaurants near me' on Google. With SpotOn Reserve, they can not only search but book straight from Google. Customers can also book from your website and social media pages, even when your restaurant is closed. In addition, SpotOn never charges booking fees, meaning you can easily save between $800 and $1,200 per month compared to using popular reservation services that charge per-cover fees.

2. Reduce No-Shows 

Dealing with people who make a reservation and don't show up (no-shows) is a common challenge for the restaurant industry that leads to significant revenue loss every month. With SpotOn Reserve, your customers will be able to make a reservation with their preferred method and receive an automatic text message confirmation 24 hours in advance of their booking. This process drastically reduces no shows by up to 80%, keeping your restaurant tables full and the revenue rolling in.

3. Reduce Walk-Away Customers

Another common challenge that restaurants have to deal with is walk-out customers. This often happens when waiting times are slow and disorganized, and is all the more common now that many states and cities are implementing capacity restrictions for indoor dining. SpotOn Reserve makes it easy for customers to remotely add themselves to your waitlist, see real-time waiting times from their phone, and even text message the host. This VIP-style experience will leave a great impression on your guests, not only reducing walk-outs but also, driving repeat visits and guest recommendations. 

4. Boost Efficiency

SpotOn Reserve TabletsSpotOn Reserve is a complete server and table management system designed to improve operations. You'll know what tables are open, when, and how many servers should be on staff at any given moment. In addition, thanks to our full-featured API, you'll be able to integrate easily with your current POS system, Online Ordering, and Loyalty programs, further boosting efficiency. Lastly, you can save even more time and promote social distancing with our optional Dine-In Mobile Ordering with our POS system.

5. Own your Data and Provide Superior Experiences

Customers want superior experiences every time they dine out, so collecting data and measuring customer satisfaction is key for learning and improvement. With SpotOn Reserve, you'll get to know who your customers are, know where they're coming from, and learn how to engage them to make them come back again. Combined with our robust Review Management tool, you'll be able to monitor and improve your reputation in just one place.

Want to learn more about how SpotOn Reserve can help your business? Click the button below to request your free demo. Spot On Reserve is a stand-alone reservation platform that also integrates with the tools you already use. It will help you open the doors to the future of full-service, contactless dining. 

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