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5 Ways to Connect with Your Customers Digitally

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September 18, 2018

Two new studies came out recently that show how critical it is for small and medium sized businesses to have a digital connection with customers. The first study, conducted by Visa, found that having a digital loyalty program and the ability to accept digital payments is a key factor for attracting customers. The second study, performed by Synchrony, found that the youngest and largest generation of consumers is unabashedly connected to their mobile phones but still prefers to shop in-store as opposed to online. Based on the findings of these new studies, here are 5 ways you can connect with customers digitally to boost customer loyalty and revenue.

1. Offer a Digital Loyalty Program

Consumers rely on their mobile phones more than ever, with 42% of generation Z saying they interact more with their phones than they do with people! That being the case, it’s not surprising that no one wants to carry around loyalty rewards cards in their purse or wallet. The modern consumer wants the ability to earn loyalty rewards and they want to do so right from their phone.

Digital Loyalty with SpotOn

2. Connect Via Email and Social Media

The two new studies performed by Visa and Synchrony confirmed what past studies already showed: email and social media marketing campaigns are still the preferred method of keeping in contact with customers. Specifically, 63% of consumers in the new Visa study said they prefer to be contacted through a digital channel such as e-mail or social media.

At SpotOn, our advice to small businesses is to send out 2 – 4 deals via email and social media every week, and then send out 2 – 3 marketing emails per month to announce special events and new products or services.

3. Offer Online Booking for Services

We discussed 4 reasons your business needs to offer online booking in a previous post, and once again the new studies confirm that online booking is a big deal. Specifically, 78% of consumers indicated that having the ability to book appointments online is a motivating factor to visit a business that offers services.

Online Appointment Booking with SpotOn

With the SpotOn platform, it’s simple to add a “Book Now” widget to both your website and Facebook business page, which customers can click on to book an appointment even when your business is closed for the night.

4. Accept Digital Payments

The way customers prefer to pay has changed rapidly in the last several years. From EMV chips to mobile pay with NFC technology, outdated credit card swipers simply don’t cut it anymore. According to the recent studies, 78% of consumers surveyed said a digital payment method, such as paying with a card or mobile device, is their #1 preferred payment option. For this reason, it’s crucial that you have cutting-edge payment hardware.

Accept Digital Payments with SpotOn

5. Do it All with a Mobile App

If there’s one recurring theme in all these digital trends, it’s how much consumers rely on their mobiles phones. From tracking and redeeming loyalty rewards to reading emails and making mobile payments, it’s crucial that your business has a way to connect with consumers across multiple platforms and that your marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile phones.

That is exactly why SpotOn has created our free consumer app, which lets them connect with your business for deals, loyalty rewards, and more.

SpotOn Business Dashboard Mobile App

On top of that, we also have our Business Dashboard app that makes it easy to run your marketing campaigns and loyalty rewards, monitor your online reviews, and track your payments right from your mobile phone, wherever you are.

Get a free demo to see how SpotOn can connect you to your customers like never before to accelerate revenue.

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