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6 Ways to Increase Your Restaurant's Online Ordering

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Topics: Restaurants

November 10, 2020

Something we've learned these past months is that people love the convenience and ease that comes from being able to order from their favorite restaurant right from their mobile phone  or computer. For many restaurants, going the online route during the COVID-19 pandemic became a necessity, but taking your restaurant online is just the first step to a successful transition. Did you know that guests who place an online order with a restaurant visit 67% more frequently than guests who don't? That's why it's essential to let your guests know about your online ordering. Here are six simple ways to make your online ordering successful.

1. Post It on Social Media

If you are not active on your social media channels, now's the time to start. People are more active than ever on social platforms due to the pandemic, so post a link to your online ordering site at least once a week and remind everyone that they can get their favorite food in the comfort of their own homes.

2. Add It to the Bottom of Your Receipt

If you are open to dine-in guests or have a take-out station, a great way to let people know about your online ordering is by adding it to your receipts. Digital or printed, you are handing vital information to your current customers to be useful for the future.

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3. Advertise It in Your Restaurant

Go old school when talking about your online ordering by posting signs, printing it on table toppers, coasters, and all kinds of materials that are in the direct line of sight for your guests. Even better, have your servers mention it every time they get the opportunity.

4. Add the Link to Your Google Profile

People like to look for close restaurants, and Google is the place to do it. If you own your location, make sure your Google profile displays your Online Ordering link. This way, you have potential customers just clicks away from becoming regulars.

5. Use Your Mailing Lists

Your mailing lists and newsletters are a great way to advertise and remind people about your online ordering. Add limited time deal, your menus, the specials of the week, or seasonal novelties.

6. Use Your Own Website

Have a big, flashy sign in a visible area or add a pop-up whenever someone lands on another webpage or is surfing through your website. This way, you give them faster access to what they might be already looking for and help spread the word across your own website.1-SpotOn_OLO_ScreenUX_Both-Loma-1

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