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7 Tips to Prepare for Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday

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November 11, 2019

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is a huge opportunity for businesses of all types to get a huge injection of revenue while simultaneously creating a new batch of loyal customers that will pay dividends well after the holidays are over. Here are seven tips to make sure your business is ready for the ups—and downs—of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday.

1. Make Sure to Plan Ahead

A successful Thanksgiving weekend doesn't just happen by accident. It's important that you go into it with a clear strategy. Thankfully, it doesn't require a ton of planning—just a few actionable items that you can prepare in advance. If you missed it last week, make sure to read our November Marketing Calendar post with tips on how to successfully plan your November.

2. Make a Connection with Holiday Crowds

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday crowds are great, but why not take things a step further so you have a way of prompting them to come back and visit in December and even after the new year? Read our our article "6 Steps to Turn Small Business Saturday Crowds into Loyal Regulars" to learn how to do just that.

3. Stay Connected Even if You're Closed

If your business is going to be closed on Thanksgiving or the holiday weekend, there are still ways to stay top-of-mind with your customers. One great way to do that is to host an online contest via social media. Check out our blog post here on how to do a Labor Day contest, which can easily be adapted for Thanksgiving.

4. Send Emails and Deals Even if You're Traveling

If your business will be open but you plan to be away, you still have the ability to encourage customers to visit with SpotOn. You have the ability to schedule deals and marketing emails in advance using our pre-made campaign templates, and you can even send campaigns right from your mobile phone using our Business Dashboard mobile app

SpotOn Thanksgiving Campaign Templates

5. Take Action to Keep Your Transaction Rates Low

It's not uncommon for business volume to double, triple, or even quadruple over the Thanksgiving weekend. This can lead to long checkout lines, cranky customers, and cranky employees who might be prone to taking shortcuts during the checkout process. Let that happen and you'll likely see extra charges on your card processing rates that cut into your profits. To avoid this common pitfall, make sure you know the best practices for keeping your payment transactions low and train your employees accordingly.

6. Watch Out for Scams

Any times there are crowds, there's added risk of scammers trying to prey on cashiers who are confused or impatient. One scam, in particular, that we always warn our merchants about is the forced authorization scam, which you can learn about here.

7. Grab Plenty of Photos and Video

Make sure you or a trusted manager has a mobile phone handy over the Thanksgiving weekend to grab photos and video of seasonal products, holiday crowds, testimonials from happy customers and employees, and any events you have going. Then, share that content on your social media channels and website. For additional ideas on how to create and get the most customer engagement with social media content, make sure to read our article "2 Keys to Connecting with Customers on Social Media in 2019."

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