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How to Convert Phone Orders into Loyalty Customers

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Topics: Loyalty

May 31, 2018

Mama’s Pizza and Subs was regularly getting 200 phone orders a week on average and was looking for a way to incorporate those customers into their loyalty rewards program with SpotOn. Another SpotOn merchant in Addison, Illinois faced the exact same challenge. The SpotOn Customer Engagement team worked with both small businesses and devised the following solution for converting those phone order customers into loyal regulars.

1. Recognize That Half the Work is Already Done

In order to take an order over the phone, you’re already collecting much of the same information that’s needed to enroll that person in the loyalty program. In addition to the actual order, you’re likely prompting the customer for their name and phone number. That’s enough info to enroll them right there.

2. Ask the Customer if They’re Already Enrolled

To incorporate phone customers into the loyalty program, the employee taking the phone order simply needs to ask one additional question before taking the order:

Are you part of our loyalty program?

3. If Yes, Check Them In

If the phone customer is already a member, the employee taking the order can easily check the customer in on your SpotOn loyalty tablet (or integrated payment hardware) using the customer’s phone number.

Great, what’s your phone number so I can check you in to earn your rewards?

After checking the customer in, the employee can then take the customer’s order and apply any new loyalty discounts that are applicable.

4. If No, Prompt Them for Their Email Address

If the customer is not part of the loyalty program, the employee can simply add them to the program by prompting the customer for their email address and/or phone number, and creating a new account on the loyalty tablet.

No problem, I can enroll you real quickly so you can earn free rewards. I just need your phone number and email address.

It’s as simple as that! The customer is now part of your loyalty program, and the employee can take the customer order just like they usually do. If you’re using traditional loyalty cards, no problem, the employee can scan a new loyalty card when creating the account, and then deliver the card to the customer with their order.

This procedure works whether your business rewards Spots (loyalty points) by visit or dollars spent, and remember, it only requires that you train your employees to ask a few simple questions. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity of adding phone order customers to your loyalty program. Get them enrolled and keep them coming back!

Learn how SpotOn  can make it easier than ever to implement a loyalty rewards program and boost your revenue by triggering repeat visits from your customers.

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