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Dads, Grads, and Memorial Day Marketing Ideas

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Topics: Marketing

May 17, 2018

The transition from spring to summer doesn’t get a lot of press, but this time of year is actually an underutilized opportunity to connect with your customers. Take advantage of these 4 marketing ideas to capitalize on dads, grads, and Memorial Day and get a leg up on your competitors as we head into summer.

1. Promote Seasonal Products and Services with an Email Campaign

Dad at the barbecueThere are three big occasions in the latter half of May and the early part of June: Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and graduation season. All three are great opportunities to get more customers in the door. If you have any products or services that tie into these occasions or summer activities in general, let your customers know by sending out a marketing email.

  • If you’re in retail or the grocery industry, make sure to let your customers know about your selection of summer apparel, BBQ gear, beach accoutrements, patriotic items for Memorial Day, and graduation gift ideas.
  • If you run a restaurant, tell your customers if you have any new seasonal menu items. Also, don’t forget to announce catering and private party deadlines to accommodate all those new graduates looking to celebrate.
  • If you’re a service provider, look for creative ways to tie your service into the season. Families need brake jobs before heading out on vacation. New grads are prime candidates to sign up for a new insurance plan or start an IRA.
  • If you operate a salon, same idea—look for creative ways to tie your services into the summer season. After all, who doesn’t want a crisp haircut, well-manicured brows, and impeccable nails before putting on their flip-flops and hitting the beach on Memorial Day weekend?

2. Amplify Your Marketing Campaign by Offering a Specific Deal

Father's DayA marketing email gets the word out and lets your customers know you have products or services that are ideal for the season. For some customers, though, that won’t be enough. That’s why you want to follow-up your marketing email with a promotional deal.

Shortly after sending your initial marketing email, send out a deal with a discount or freebie item that fits the season. If you’re using SpotOn, you can easily send out a deal using one of our seasonal templates, both via email and the SpotOn consumer app so that our active user base of shoppers is alerted to your deal and has all the incentive they need to come in.

Once you get customers in the door to redeem a deal, they’re more likely to spend additional money. In fact, a recent study showed that consumers redeeming a discount or deal spend 46% more than other types of customers!

3. When in Doubt, Go the Giftcard Route

It’s not surprise that coming up with gift ideas for Father’s Day and new grads is a pain. That’s why gift cards are so popular among shoppers. If your business has gift cards, now’s the time to remind customers!

  • Make sure you have your gift cards prominently displayed by the cash register
  • Train your employees to ask customers if they’d like to buy a gift card during the checkout process
  • Make sure to mention that you sell gift cards in your marketing emails, particularly if you don’t have any other products or services that are seasonally oriented

4. Contribute to a Cause to Build Goodwill and Brand Loyalty

A great way to make your marketing campaign stand out this time of the year is to build it around a charity campaign. The basic idea is to earmark a certain amount of your profits over a specific period of time toward a charitable cause. Next, you spread the word far and wide!

U.S. Flag Memorial Day

Consumers, particularly millenials, are increasingly drawn towards brands that are socially conscious, so contributing to a good cause will give your revenue a nice boost. Plus, your donation will be tax deductible.

Just make sure the charity you choose is a legit tax exempt organization on the IRS website so you can write off your donation. While you’re at it, you’ll also want to make sure the charity is reputable. There are a lot of imposters out there! A great resource for validating charities is http://www.give.org/ run by the Better Business Bureau.

Here are some great charities to consider that are related to dads, grads, and Memorial Day.

Father’s Day

Graduation Season

Memorial Day

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