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Does Your Business Need Changing Tables in the Men's Room?

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July 30, 2019

Fathers across the nation have turned to social media to discuss and express their disappointment over the lack of baby changing stations in men’s bathrooms, posting photos of the often comical conditions in which they have to change their children's diapers: on the floor, squatting against the wall, and even sitting on the toilet. For business owners, it’s a great reminder of how important it is to make sure your business is accessible to all types of customers. Here are some quick solutions to make sure your business is accessible to hard-working dads and others.

Install a Changing Table in the Mens’ Room

If you already have a baby station installed in your women’s restroom, as is the common practice, consider adding a changing station to the men’s restroom, too. Baby changing stations can be found for as little as $150, and are a one-time cost that can help your business in the long run by appealing to dads.

Designate a “Family” Restroom

If you have single-occupant restrooms, consider making them gender-neutral. You can then install a changing a station in one of them and make sure to label it with appropriate signage to indicate it is a family restroom.

Family Restroom

Don’t Forget People with Disabilities

In addition to accommodating the needs of parents, it’s important—and required by law—to make sure your business is accessible to people with disabilities. To learn more about legal requirements, read this Business Journals article, and for some practical advice on how to make your business accessible, check out this article from the Rick Hansen Foundation.

Making these small changes shows that you and your business are accepting and accessible, and that you care about your customers and their families. In addition, adding these accommodations reduces the risk of injury to your customers and potential financial liability on your part.

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