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Five 2020 Social Media Trends Every Business Owner Needs to Know

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Topics: Marketing

January 14, 2020

Social media continues to be one of the most cost-effective and simple ways of staying top-of-mind with your existing customers and attracting new customers. However, that doesn’t mean what worked in years past will still work this year. For one thing, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are constantly updating the algorithms they use to present information to people. On top of that, there’s the matter of viewer fatigue, where consumers simply get tired of seeing the same type of content over and over again and start to tune it out. To help you get the best results from your marketing efforts, here are the 2020 social media trends you need to know, based on a recent survey of over 100 million social media posts.

1. Utilize Instagram for the Best Customer Engagement

According to the most recent data, Instagram gets the best audience interaction by a long shot, with an average engagement rate of 2.26%, as compared to a meager 0.21% on Facebook and 0.06% on Twitter. There are likely a couple of factors at play here. One is that Instagram is very visual in nature, making it easier to grab viewers’ attention. The other is the fact that companies tend to post less content on Instagram than other platforms. It’s a perfect example of less being more.

Takeaway: Make sure you’re posting great photos and videos on Instagram, but don’t overdo it. As few as one quality post a day, or even one a week, can be enough. Just make sure you keep it consistent so your followers know what to expect. At SpotOn, for example, we typically publish one Instagram post a day, and mix in a combination of product images, small business advice, and behind-the-scenes photos of our team hard at work.

2. More Visuals, Fewer Words

It’s true across all the social media platforms that posts with photos or videos and short captions get the best interaction. Specifically, Twitter gets the best engagement with videos, while image carousels get the highest engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, captions should be 10 words or fewer across all platforms.

Takeaway: Let your photos and videos do the talking. Make a habit of grabbing photos and videos of anything that portrays your business in a positive light and then share it across all three platforms with a short, catchy description or title.

3. Emojis Are Your Friends 😀👍😜🙌🙏

Believe it or not, data shows that posts with 20 or more emojis get the highest engagement! Yes, 20 emojis is a lot, but the point is well taken—emojis make it easy to visually convey an attitude or emotion, particularly in a medium where it’s hard to differentiate between sarcasm and sincerity.

Takeaway: Use emojis as an extension of your captions to help your audience interpret your posts. You can accompany a silly photo with a tongue-out emoji, for example, or use the hands up and hands together emojis to show that you are thankful for something.

4. Quit Asking Questions in Posts

One piece of social media advice you always heard in the past was to regularly post questions in your social media posts, with the idea being that it would prompt your audience to respond. No longer! Asking questions now actually decreases the engagement of posts, particularly on Instagram where it leads to a dip in audience engagement by 2.12%.

Takeaway: Avoid asking your followers questions on social media. If you truly need feedback from your audience, consider other methods, such as creating a survey that you can email to your customers via your email marketing software.

5. Up Your Game with More Giveaways and Contests

The best way to get your audience to participate with you across all social media platforms is with giveaways and contests. Giveaways do slightly better, likely because they require little effort on the part of the audience—they simply need to like, comment, or share, depending on the direction you provide in your post. Contests, meanwhile, get slightly less participation, again, likely because they require a bit more effort (e.g. posting their own picture, writing a thoughtful response to enter the contest, etc.).

Takeaway: Utilize both methods. Giveaways are great for getting signal boosts and reaching new audience members, particularly if you ask your followers to share a post. In contrast, contests help engage a smaller number of your most loyal followers who are the most likely to be your best word-of mouth marketers.

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