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4 Quick Tips to Successfully Get to Know Your Customers

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Topics: Marketing

July 16, 2019

National Get to Know Your Customers Day day is observed on the third Thursday of each quarter of the year, falling in January, April, July, and October. That means that this Thursday, July 18th, is Get to Know Your Customers Day, giving you a fantastic occasion to connect with and learn more about your customers. Taking the time to do so can help you gain a better understanding of your customers and continually improve your business, not to mention show your customers that you care about their opinion and build brand loyalty. Here are four quick tips to successfully get to know your customers.

1. Send Out a Survey Asking How You Can Improve

You can send out a quick online survey on how to improve your services and overall business. This shows that you care about your customers and their feedback, all while learning how you can improve your services and business. To make your life easier, use an online service like SurveyMonkey or create a poll on Facebook or Instagram.

2. Ask for In-Person Feedback

Asking for in-person feedback when customers visit your business allows for a deeper, personal connection with your customers. In addition to helping you discover what they do and don’t like about your business, face-to-face interactions leave a longer lasting impression on the customers.

3. Be Present in the Community

Being present in the community by participating in local fairs, farmer’s markets, and other events allows you to connect with your customers outside of the workplace and on a more personal level. It shows your customers that you care, which will improve your reputation within the community. 

4. Respond Quickly to Online Comments, Both Positive and Negative

Responding quickly to comments left on review sites and on your social media business pages, both positive and negative, can positively impact your business. Responding quickly to comments shows that you are acknowledging your customer’s praises and concerns. On top of that, it gives you an opportunity to directly see customer feedback on how to maintain or improve your business.

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