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Introducing Our Free Payment App

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Topics: Payments, Product Updates

January 7, 2020

SpotOn is thrilled to announce our newest payment solution—SpotOn Mobile. Every business that’s partnered with SpotOn (new or existing) gets free access to this mobile payment app, just as with our virtual terminal. Once logged into the app on your device, you have the ability to securely process payments while on the go.

SpotOn Mobile Payments AppTo run a transaction on your phone or tablet, simply key in your customer’s card information and the transaction amount into the app. Once the transaction is complete, you can email the customer a receipt. You can also view your transaction history at any time, either right from the mobile app or by logging in to your SpotOn dashboard to see your mobile transactions right alongside any other transactions you’ve run.

Download the  Mobile Payments App Now!

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The mobile app on its own is a perfect solution for businesses that run occasional transactions while on the go, and requires no additional payment hardware or costs on your part. For businesses that need to run mobile transactions more frequently—such as food trucks, delivery services, caterers, and mobile sellers—we recommend that you pair the free mobile app with our new bluetooth card swiper.SpotOn MobileThe SpotOn Mobile reader is a powerful and compact device that supports magstripe, EMV, and contactless payments over Bluetooth. Thanks to the built-in NFC technology, you can accept Apple Pay and Android Pay with a simple tap of your customer’s device. It’s just another way that SpotOn is providing smarter solutions for businesses everywhere to connect with their customers.

If your business is already partnered with SpotOn, contact our support team at support@SpotOn.com or 877-814-4102 to get your SpotOn Mobile reader.

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