SpotOn Versus Clover: There’s No Comparison

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Topics: Payments

March 27, 2018

Clover is a widely-used brand of payment hardware, and here at SpotOn, merchants frequently ask us how SpotOn’s platform compares to Clover’s offering. The big difference is that Clover is a hardware-only product whereas SpotOn provides merchants an end-to-end platform that includes payment hardware and processing along with our groundbreaking customer engagement tools. To show how SpotOn stacks up to Clover, we created this quick and easy comparison grid.

SpotOn vs Clover 05.07.19
As the comparison grid shows, SpotOn's standard rates are much lower than the standard rates of any processor affiliated with Clover. On top of that, SpotOn never charges hidden fees, whereas many Clover processors sneak in “junk” fees like statement fees, PCI fees, regulatory fees, batch fees, and monthly minimums.
Clover vendors also typically require merchants to sign a long-term, non-cancellable lease. In order to quit using Clover, merchants may be forced to pay a significant amount to buy out whatever is remaining on their equipment lease as well the remainder of their contract term for payment processing. With SpotOn, there is no long-term contract or commitment.

When it comes to software, we feel SpotOn again offers far more value. Our marketing and reviews software are included with our payment hardware and processing services for one low monthly platform fee, and optional software tools are available for industry low subscription rates. To get tools like a digital loyalty program with Clover, merchants need to purchase a separate piece of software from Clover’s app store.

The last significant difference from Clover is that SpotOn provides merchants concierge-style, in-person customer support, meaning that our merchants have the piece of mind of knowing that they have a capable team that is ready to help them with everything from hardware questions to developing strategies for creating effective marketing campaigns.

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