SpotOn Versus Square: There’s No Comparison

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Topics: Payments

By SpotOn

At SpotOn, we’re often asked how our platform compares to Square’s. The short answer is that we believe the SpotOn platform offers significantly more value for many businesses because it includes not only payment hardware and processing, but also our fully-integrated marketing tools, all for one low platform fee. To show how SpotOn compares to Square side-by-side, we created this helpful comparison grid.

SpotOn vs Square Comparison Grid

Download the Comparison Grid

As the comparison grid shows, not only can SpotOn save merchants money on payment processing by matching or beating their existing rates (including Square’s if that’s who they are using), the SpotOn platform far outshines Square in the software category.

A merchant using SpotOn with Point and the built-in marketing and loyalty tools would spend only $35 per month, whether they had 10 loyalty visits per month or 10,000 loyalty visits per month. To get comparable features with Square, a merchant would have to choose a Square Register and pay $114 per month to accommodate an average number of loyalty visitors (101 – 200 monthly loyalty check-ins) . A high-volume merchant with more than 5,000 monthly loyalty visits would pay $564 per month!

Additionally, SpotOn’s platform also includes review management tools and our proprietary algorithm that boosts ratings on review sites by prompting loyal customers to leave reviews when they are the happiest. Square does not have any comparable feature or add-on.

Perhaps most significantly, SpotOn offers concierge-style customer support, meaning merchants get access to a highly-trained team that can help them with everything from hardware issues to developing a marketing strategy tailor made for their business. While that high-level of customer support can’t easily be quantified into a dollar amount, any merchant who has experienced technical issues or downtime with their payment processing platform knows the value in having a live support person to resolve the issue quickly. 

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