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Thanksgiving Week Hashtags

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November 19, 2019

One of the best ways to increase the reach of your social media posts is to include targeted hashtags. This is especially true for small and medium businesses during Thanksgiving week,  when shoppers are out in full force for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. To make sure your business is catching the attention of customers, here are some quick tips on what hashtags you should use and how to use them.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags quite simply are the # symbol added at the beginning of a key word or phrase. They allow users on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to interact with one another and find new posts based on a specific topic or theme. So for example, people looking for social media content about Thanksgiving could search for the hashtag #Thanksgiving. By adding this hashtag to your Thanksgiving-related social media posts, you are increasing the likelihood that they will be seen by a wider audience than just your normal followers.

SpotOn Advice: Thanksgiving Hashtags for social mediaUse Hashtags in Context

Like with anything having to do with social media, your posts are only going to be effective if they are relevant to what people are looking for, so make sure you're using hashtags in the correct context. In the days leading up to Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving day itself, consider the following types of posts and hashtags:

  • #Thankful – Use this hashtag and share a photo of your employees at work, thanking them for all they do
  • #TravelTip — Announce any products or services you offer that are perfect for people who will be travelling for the holidays
  • #HappyThanksgiving – Make sure to thank all your customers on the day of Thanksgiving itself

Include Location and Industry-Specific Hashtags

In addition to the holiday-related hashtags, which will reach a large audience, you'll want to incorporate additional hashtags that help attract the specific target audience for your business. The best way to do that is to include a hashtag indicating what type of business you run and your city or town, or better yet, include a hashtag that does both. For example, a restaurant in Detroit could use the hashtag #DetroitRestaurant or #DetroitEats. That hashtag paired along with one of the Thanksgiving hashtags would help the restaurant get large scale exposure while also attracting local customers looking for a tasty bite.

An example social media post might look like this:

Not in the mood for cooking this #Thanksgiving? Join us and get your #FoodComa on because we're serving #TurkeyDay fixings all day long! #DetroitEats #DetroitRestaurant

The Full List of Thanksgiving Week Hashtags

Now you now the basics.  Here's a list of hashtags you might want to use  this Thanksgiving week:

Thanksgiving Hashtags

Black Friday Hashtags

Small Business Saturday Hashtags

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