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Why Your Business Needs a Modern Website

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January 29, 2019

It’s 2019 and it would be easy to assume that businesses everywhere are using the internet to connect with customers, but a recent CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey indicated that 45 percent of small businesses don’t even have a website. Knowing the reality of all the responsibilities that go into running a business, it's actually not surprising that so few businesses have websites. Still, it does highlight a huge missed opportunity for small and medium businesses when it comes to staying competitive, particularly in light of how easy and affordable it is to create a modernized website these days with services like SpotOn Website. Here are the 4 reasons your business needs a website and how to go about getting one stress-free.

1. Control Your Online Reputation

First impressions matter, and without a professional website, you’re leaving your reputation to chance when a customer searches for your business online. Will the first search result for your business be a negative review from a review site? Will it be a random blog post from a tourist who visited your location years ago? Or perhaps you have an old business website that hasn’t been updated since the dawn of the internet age. If customers are coming across these types of pages, they’re not going to be impressed and probably won’t visit your business.

Alternatively, a modernized website will not only look good, it will also showcase what your business is all about, and be search engine optimized (SEO), meaning it will show up at the top of search results when people search for your business.

2. Improve Foot Traffic

While some businesses are late to the game when it comes to creating a website, consumers are ahead of the game. Not only are online purchases up, but consumer are also making a habit of visiting company websites to research products, menus, and services prior to choosing which brick-and-mortar businesses they want to visit.

88% of people research product information online before visiting a business.

By having a well-designed site, potential customers will discover your business more readily and see what products or services you offer. The end result will be more new customers.

3. Connect with Mobile Phone Users

Consumers, particularly younger consumers, are relying on their mobile phones more and more. This creates a problem for businesses that have old, outdated websites because those old websites aren’t mobile responsive—meaning they’re virtually impossible to read and navigate on a phone screen. This is why having a well-designed, modernized website is so critical.

52% of all consumer web traffic is generated on mobile phones.

When you create a website using SpotOn Website, for example, your site is automatically optimized for mobile viewing. That means no matter how customers find your website—on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone—your site is going to look great and will be easy to navigate.

4. Enable Online Ordering and Appointment Booking

Beyond being a place to showcase your business, a proper website is also be a place for you to conduct business. By offering a way for your customers to order online or book appointments right from your website, you will be opening the door to new revenue opportunities.

42% of people across all ages prefer to book online rather than speak with someone on the phone, while 71% of young people prefer the ability to book appointments right from their mobile phone.

In addition, you will reduce costs since once they’re programmed, online ordering and appointment booking will free you and your staff up to perform more important tasks.

Getting a New Website Doesn’t Have to Be Hassle

Ten years ago, creating a new business website would have been a hassle, requiring working with an expensive web designer, or “web master” as they used to be called. Now it’s quick and easy to create a website and update it whenever you want, without spending an arm and a leg doing it.

With SpotOn Website, you get a turnkey website service that lets you choose from dozens of stunning templates across a variety of business types, customize the site to your liking, and go live with it in minutes. Everything is included for an affordable monthly subscription: website design, hosting, and even your own custom URL. Even better, you’ll have the expertise and support of our Customer Engagement Team, who is there to help you design a website that makes sense for you business, or literally create the entire site for you.

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