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Meet Baja Ice Cream

Baja Ice Cream is a family-owned ice cream and dessert shop that opened in January 2017 in Fairfield, California. Known for their organic, housemade ice creams, they also offer popsicles, crepes, fruit shakes and more, with a loyal following in the Bay Area.


Keeping track of all the moving parts of a small business can be difficult. The small family-owned team was managing all parts of their business separately through different vendors and systems. “We were kind of a mess before SpotOn came into our lives,” said Baja owner Analy Del Real.

In addition, they didn’t have an easy-to-use mechanism to reach out to their customers with marketing messages. This made it hard for them to drive traffic to events and promotions being held at the store.

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SpotOn Solutions

SpotOn stepped in with SpotOn Register, a full-scale POS solution that allows Baja Ice Cream to manage their business at the point of sale. There’s one easy-to-use dashboard to keep track of payments, inventory, profits and payroll. “Being able to keep track of everything in one place has reduced a lot of stress,” said Del Real.

Plus, it’s all integrated with SpotOn’s customer engagement tools. This makes it easy to send emails to customers. In September 2017, Baja Ice Cream hosted a famous WWF wrestler in their store to sign autographs. Baja used SpotOn to send an email to all of their customers letting them know about the fun event.

SpotOn Register Point of Sales System

Easy-to-Use Tools for Big Impact

Within the first two months of using SpotOn, Baja’s revenue jumped nearly 300%. They are continuing to see year-over-year growth, even during the colder winter months, which are historically the toughest in the ice cream business.

“Our growth has been through the roof since we’ve started using SpotOn,” exclaimed Del Real. “Now whenever we have an in-store promotion, new menu items, or deals we’re able to easily email all of our customers to let them know.”

“Our growth has been through the roof since we’ve started using SpotOn.”

Tangible Results

Within a short few months of starting with SpotOn, Baja's reviews on Facebook and Yelp improved by more than one star/point, and half of their customers were comprised of returning visitors. Even more impressive, they logged nearly 600 loyalty check-ins over their opening 90 day period, and added 220 new customers to their list in a 45 day span.

The team at Baja also values the top-notch customer service they’ve received from SpotOn. “The customer service level that we’ve had from SpotOn has been unreal,” shares Del Real. “Our contact Rickey is really like an extension of our team. He’s on-site whenever we need him, quick to respond, is always friendly and helpful, and on top of that he’s also a great customer!”

Phone showing positive reviews after using SpotOn.

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