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Meet Forest Glen Middle School

Forest Glen Middle School is a public junior high school located in Coral Springs, Florida, with approximately 1300 students. Susan L. Montero is a language arts teacher who has been teaching at Forest Glen Middle School for five years.

Meet Pinecrest Bakery

Pinecrest Bakery is a local café chain in South Miami started by two families with a passion for Cuban food and community. Co-owner Efrain Valdes and his family spent most of their lives in the Little Havana neighborhood where there was always a spot for a quick Cuban bite. In fact, Efrain’s favorite was a little bakery right next to where he worked, owned by Joel Rodriguez, where he’d pick up a daily cortadito (espresso with steamed milk) and a pastelito (pastry). Over the years the two formed a close friendship.

When the Valdes family moved to the Pinecrest neighborhood they noticed the lack of the local Cuban food in their neighborhood and approached Rodriguez about opening a bakery together in the area. In December 2012, the two families opened the first Pinecrest Bakery. With a line out the door shortly after opening, they opened a second bakery by February 2013. Five years later, there are now 12 locations in South Miami still run by the same two families.

Meet Pinecrest Bakery


Like any small business, Pinecrest frequently feels strapped for resources. Marketing and branding tend to fall to the wayside when there is profitability to worry about and inventory to keep in stock. When Pinecrest launched in 2013 they had no way to track customer loyalty or a way to alert customers to limited time special deals they were having.


SpotOn Solutions

When Cindy Petryszak, National Director of Business Development with SpotOn, reached out to Pinecrest with an easy-to-use loyalty program and incredible customer service, it was an easy decision to hop on board. “We really consider Cindy our loyalty and marketing consultant rather than just a vendor,“ said Victoria Valdes, Chief Communications Officer, Pinecrest. “Cindy is quick to respond to emails and is always available to walk us through how we can use all the other tools SpotOn has to offer.”

3. SpotOn Solutions

A Successful Loyalty Program

Pinecrest attributes much of their returning customer base to the loyalty program that they offer through SpotOn. “We’ve worked with SpotOn to create Pinecrest branded loyalty cards that make our customers feel like they are a part of the Pinecrest family,” shared Victoria.

Pinecrest is unique in that they offer fresh food 24 hours a day. Customers who return twice or more in one day can rack up loyalty points, eventually leading to a free item. “Many of our customers come in for a pastry and coffee for breakfast and come in later in the day for an afternoon pick-me-up instead of visiting another café or coffee shop, they really appreciate the added rewards for their loyalty.”

Pinecrest mainly uses SpotOn’s rewards program, deals for special occasions, and their email marketing system to reach customers.

A Successful Loyalty Program

Tangible Results

Between 2013 and 2014 when Pinecrest first started using SpotOn their loyalty revenue was up $67,160 year over year with over 1,500 loyal customers and 8,395 loyalty check-ins. SpotOn also helped Pinecrest reach new audiences via social media, garnering nearly 500 new followers through Facebook and Twitter with an overall reach of 2,089 through email marketing and deal and loyalty redemptions.

“Over the course of five years, similar companies have approached us but we’ve always stuck with SpotOn because of the branded loyalty program they offer and the outstanding customer service we get from their whole team,” said Victoria.

“Over the course of five years, similar companies have approached us but we’vealways stuck with SpotOn because of the branded loyalty program they offer andthe outstanding customer service we get from their whole team.”

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