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What are Spots?

Spots are points you earn for purchasing items at a business.

How do I earn Spots?

Each time you check in at a SpotOn tablet with your email, phone number, SpotOn card, or SpotOn mobile app, you’ll earn Spots (points) that you can use towards rewards at that business.

How many Spots do I earn per transaction?

This is up to the business. We see that most businesses give one Spot per visit or 2 Spots per dollar spent. If you are unsure of how many Spots you are earning, just ask!

How do I get deals?

You are automatically signed up for deals (meaning VIP offers) when you check into a business or add a business to your memberships through our consumer app. Then, you’ll receive push notifications and emails about new deals.

How do I earn rewards?

Remember to check in each time you visit a participating business. Once you have enough Spots for a reward, you can redeem spots for a reward right away, or save them for a better reward.

How do I redeem deals and rewards?

It’s really easy!

  1. Claim a deal through email, the mobile app, Facebook or Twitter.
  2. Check in on a SpotOn tablet (just like you normally do).
  3. Select what you want to redeem. You will see both the deals you claimed and the rewards you earned on the screen.
  4. Let the cashier know what you’re redeeming.
  5. Enjoy!

Remember, Spots can only be redeemed at the same business where they were earned.

Why aren’t any businesses near me?

We’re still expanding! If you’d like to see SpotOn at business near you, email us at sales@spoton.com.

Why do you need my birthday?

Everyone likes a treat during their birthday month! Some SpotOn businesses may send you a reward you can claim anytime during your birth month, but it expires once the month is over (even if you hadn’t claimed it).

Why do you need my phone number?

Adding a phone number to your account allows you to check in more quickly. Just type it in when your check in instead of digging around for a card or opening your app. We will not sell, rent, swap or otherwise disclose any of this information.

What is guest mode?

Guest mode is a way for you to explore nearby businesses and discover the rewards you can earn. To access features like deals, rewards or Spots, you need to sign up for SpotOn.

Why don’t I have a password?

You have enough to remember, so we wanted to give you one less thing to memorize. Simply verify your account through your email and you will be able to log in.