Frequently Asked Questions

What is SpotOn?

SpotOn is a universal customer rewards program that helps you earn cool stuff at your favorite businesses.

Where can I use it?

All over the place! To find a SpotOn business near you, click here, or download the app on your iPhone or Android device.

How do I sign up for SpotOn?

Easy! Just download the app, or grab a SpotOn card at the nearest participating business.

How do I earn rewards?

Each time you scan the SpotOn app, card, or Apple Passbook at a business, you’ll earn Spots (points) that you can use towards rewards at that business.

How do I redeem Spots for a reward?

Simple. Just scan in like you normally do, then tap to select the reward you’d like to redeem. Show the screen to the cashier and enjoy your free stuff. Remember, Spots can only be redeemed at the same business where they were earned.

How do I view how many Spots I have?

The SpotOn smartphone app does all the work of keeping track of your Spots. If you don't have a smartphone, you can view your rewards progress at a business any time you scan in on the tablet.

Can I still use my card if I have the smartphone app?

Yes! The SpotOn app and SpotOn cards work interchangeably. Use the card today, the app tomorrow. You can even ditch the card completely and use mobile only if you like. We promise you won’t hurt our feelings.

What does SpotOn do with my information when I register?

We take customer privacy very seriously, and your contact information will never be sold to a third party, a fourth party, or pirates.

What if I lose my card?

No sweat. Just grab a new one at any SpotOn business and register it with the same email address you used previously. Your Spots will not be lost! If you’ve forgotten your card, you can always check in by entering your email address.

Are there any other ways to earn Spots?

You can earn super secret Spots at businesses on Facebook. No purchase necessary! Just look for the orange Tap Into Rewards Here box at the top of the SpotOn business’s page (underneath the cover photo) and follow the instructions.

How do I earn birthday rewards?

Birthday rewards are available to all SpotOn app users. Just login with Facebook, or manually enter your date of birth in the Profile tab. If you’ve visited a business offering birthday rewards, you’ll receive a gift from them via email on the first day of your birth month. You can claim it anytime during the month, but it expires once the month is over (even if you hadn’t claimed it).

How do I claim a deal?

To redeem a deal you received via email, social media, or the SpotOn Mobile app, simply open the email or app notification, then check in on the business’s tablet in-store and select it from the screen.

Can I combine my card with a friend or family member's?

Existing cards registered under different email addresses cannot be combined, but adding another person to an account is easy. Just grab a new card at a SpotOn business or download the SpotOn Mobile app and register it with the existing user’s email address. Any Spots earned will be credited to the one account.

Will hoverboards ever exist?

We hope. We’ve been waiting for this every day since the first time we watched Back To The Future II in our jammies. How ‘bout it, science?