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Administrative Assistant

San Francisco, California, United States Full-time
Role Summary
Provide administrative support to the President and Founding Partners. Maintain utmost confidentiality, show discretion, have a thorough understanding of technical and business vocabulary, and know the office’s internal operations in a detailed manner. Transcribe, type, format, and proofread material using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other software. Analyze data, prepare reports, communicate with team members and solve problems. Exercise judgment when selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions. Coordinate internal and external meetings including scheduling meeting times, making travel arrangements, and other similar tasks. Help drive office culture and lead by example.
Job Functions
  1. Perform advanced administrative functions which may be confidential in nature. Demonstrate professionalism and discretion when developing presentations and communications on behalf of executive management. Draft, edit, and proofread various documents. Route signed agreements to corresponding parties, document meeting minutes, provide summarized notes and action items to attendees.
  2. Develop a thorough understanding of executive's work style and requirements. Utilize this knowledge when coordinating and scheduling meetings, events, and requests for the executive's time. Manage, plan, and verify executive's daily calendar. Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with all team members and external associates, particularly with senior management.
  3. Analyze data and trends, prepare presentations, communicate with internal and external team members, and assist in tasks associated with managing the company.
  4. Prioritize issues and concerns addressed to the executive. Using understanding of executive's work style, use own judgement to act independently and propose appropriate resolution or response. Ensure the executive meets commitments and deadlines.
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