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San Francisco, California, United States Allows remote Full-time

SpotOn is driven by innovation and evolution, with the mission of providing powerful software and payment solutions to small and medium-sized business owners—all at an affordable cost.  We have an immediate need for a Copywriter to help us shape and further the brand. We’re very strong on “team” here and have a strong, core orientation toward embracing diversity.

The Copywriter works directly below a Senior Copywriter, in the marketing department. They are responsible for generating stand-alone copy, or text to complement visual concepts created by our design team, across many platforms, including:

  • Websites, emails, social media, blogs
  • Marketing materials
  • Press and print advertising
  • Long-form collateral
  • Sales collateral
  • Lead gen articles
  • Brochures, postcards, and the like

The Copywriter will be expected to develop their skills, working with their passion for writing to expand and improve. There will also be the requirement to use creative instincts to develop engaging concepts to fulfill client expectations, under the guidance of the Senior Copywriter to ensure consistency across vehicles and in tone and voice. Economy of language is crucial for this role.

The role will involve using feedback from colleagues to sharpen writing skills and create  finished pieces that attract and persuade. The Senior Copywriter on a project will usually work with a Copywriter, guiding and encouraging them to think ‘outside the box’ and gain confidence in their decision-making and copy capabilities.

All copy created by the Copywriter needs to be compelling for the reader, while adhering to the objectives of the project, staying within the guidelines and being completely grammatically  accurate and precise.
Typical activities

The role of a Associate Copywriter will vary from project to project, but common activities include:

  • Understanding the target market and messaging--specifically the nuance that exists within targeted industries in the U.S. 
  • Writing engaging copy that will move the reader--emotive copywriting
  • Receiving feedback and using it to grow and improve as a copywriter
  • Understanding specifications to craft copy that is on brand
  • Keeping copy consistent and identifiable for each deliverable
  • Producing creative ideas for innovative campaigns

Skills Required
A Copywriter needs a wide range of design and creative capabilities. These include:
  • The ability to think creatively and translate ideas and concepts into copy
  • A solid understanding of the differences between digital and print vehicles
  • Experience in writing strong, succinct copy that is grammatically correct
  • A flexible approach and willingness to adapt ideas to the needs of the company
  • The ability to meet deadlines and work in a pressurized, somewhat chaotic environment
  • Great organizational skills
  • An eye for detail and a desire for perfection
  • Strong research skills that ensure all copy is correct and accurate
  • A passion for writing and the willingness to learn from other creative professionals
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