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SpotOn helps manage your business and increase revenues by powering your marketing, loyalty, reviews and payments from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Process payments and collect customer data with a customized solution to manage and grow your business.

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A fully integrated POS gives you the complete path from marketing to purchase in granular detail.

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Access the proven marketing, loyalty and review tools as a standalone product.

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Here's how it works

We connect your customers to transaction data, allowing you to communicate effectively with your customers and see a clear ROI from your marketing efforts.

  • Customers sign up for your marketing program or check-in to your loyalty program when making a purchase.

  • SpotOn processes each payment, collecting customer-level data*. *The type of data you receive is based upon the system and configuration you choose.

  • Create targeted emails and deals for customer segments based upon behavior and purchasing trends.

  • The SpotOn Dashboard shows sales data, average spend per transaction, ROI for campaigns and more, telling you which products, customers and campaigns are most profitable.

  • As more data is captured, the smarter the platform becomes, enabling further automation, improved online reviews and increased revenue.