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We build technology designed to increase revenue and lower costs, so you can go from the 5-7% profit margin that you’ve come to expect to the double digit restaurant margins you deserve. Doesn’t seem possible? Use our restaurant profit calculator to see how technology can help your restaurant.

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“Maximizing Profits” white paper.

Running a restaurant is hard work, so it can be discouraging when you see how little of that work shows up in your bottom line. In our white paper “Maximizing Profits,” we show how you can improve your restaurant profit margins by implementing flexible technology. Because hard work can’t cut the fees from third-party delivery apps or get orders in and out of the kitchen to your guests faster. But technology can.

How SpotOn Order helped restaurants increase sales processed by 3%

How SpotOn QR code ordering technology helped increase total sales by 9%

How SpotOn Serve handhelds increased total sales by a median of 7%

How SpotOn Reserve reduced no-shows by 75%

How SpotOn Loyalty and Marketing boosted sales on deal days by $650

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Hillary Holmes.
General Manager, Von Elrod’s Beer Hall and Kitchen, Nashville, Tennessee

“SpotOn’s QR code technology allows guests to get a second or third beer without a long wait time or to get up to go somewhere to get it. We were typically seeing between $30 – $32 per guest average, and now we’re seeing $40 – $50 per guest average. We owe that to those additional beverages hitting those guest checks.”

Michael Mina.
Chef/Owner, Mina Restaurant Group

“We know firsthand, it's not just the staffing that's becoming hard, but it's becoming more challenging to stay compliant with all the labor laws and regulations. With SpotOn's labor integrations and acquisition, they're staying true to tackling our industry's biggest challenges.”

Matthew Kenney.
CEO of Matthew Kenney Cuisine

“Having access to data and reporting in easy-to-use formats is always important in a business that has such slim margins. However it’s critically important in a company like ours that’s involved in 45 – 50 different venues in multiple cities around the world…SpotOn is the only tech partner who gives us the ability to look at our entire brand as a whole, and have consistency in resources and reporting across our business areas.”

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