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Optimized for Your Business

SpotOn Poynt is a multi-tasking machine designed to accept virtually any payment type and give you advanced marketing and loyalty features, all-in-one. It’s easy-to-use, powerful, and elegant. Best of all, it’s flexible, enabling you to do business your way.

  • Accept cards, cash, mobile pay, and gift cards
  • Flexible design for countertop use or wherever your customers are
  • Dual screens, one for you, one for customers
  • Full integration with SpotOn Marketing, Loyalty, and Appointments
  • Use as a point-of-sale or a simple payment terminal
SpotOn POynt - iPhone

SpotOn Poynt: Our Most Popular Payment and Marketing Solution

Easy to Use with the Power of a Point-of-Sale

Thanks to the powerful, intuitive design of SpotOn Poynt, you can operate it as a simple payment terminal, where you process individual transaction amounts, or you can add a full product catalog and run it as a point-of-sale device.

  • Use SpotOn Poynt in “terminal mode” to quickly run transactions if you do not require a full product catalog or if you are using SpotOn Appointments
  • Use SpotOn Poynt in “POS mode” to add and modify hundreds of items to your product catalog
  • Optimize your catalog with a flexible hierarchy of Catalogs, Categories, and Products
  • Easily add Open Items during the checkout that are not included in your catalog
  • Add custom taxes, convenience fees, and discounts
  • Operate an optional cash drawer and/or external receipt printer
Accept Payments Seamlessly

Pick the Customer Engagement Mode that Makes Sense for Your Business

Where SpotOn Poynt truly outshines other payment hardware is with its built-in tools to collect customer contact information during the checkout process, enabling you to then engage your customers through social media, email, and mobile alerts to increase traffic and grow revenue.

Marketing-Only Mode

  • Build your customer list as customers enter their email addresses for receipts
  • Offer an Enrollment Reward as an incentive for customers to provide their email address
  • Connect with your customers anytime via email
  • Send deals and redeem them in real-time on the Poynt device
  • Improve your online reputation as SpotOn’s system prompts customers who have redeemed rewards to leave reviews

Loyalty Mode (Optional)

  • Prompt repeat visits from customers by offering a loyalty rewards program
  • Create as many loyalty rewards as you want, and change them anytime
  • Check in customers seamlessly via mobile number, email, or the SpotOn consumer app
  • Get VIP notifications on merchant facing screen (top 20% of customers)
  • Reward customers by how often they visit or how much they spend
  • Send deals, redeem deals, and connect with customers
  • Improve your online reputation as SpotOn’s proprietary system automatically connects with top customers and increases the number of positive reviews

The SpotOn team will get you set up so that SpotOn Poynt is optimized to help your business succeed. Regardless of what mode you choose, you’ll have full access to your SpotOn dashboard, including our review monitoring tools and payment analytics.