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Providing You Value by Combining Payments and Customer Engagement Tools

SpotOn has spent years developing and perfecting software tools that empower business owners to do more with less. It all starts with our secure, cloud-based platform for processing payments. Thanks to our industry-low credit processing fees and affordable subscription fee, most merchants save money on that alone, but with SpotOn that’s just the beginning.

The true value in SpotOn’s software platform lies in our customer engagement tools that let you manage marketing campaigns, customer reviews, and loyalty rewards all in one place. Even better, all these tools are integrated with data and analytics from your business transactions so you have the information you need to reach customers with the right marketing campaign at exactly the right time.

Businesses that utilize SpotOn’s customer engagement tools typically find that the platform pays for itself.


SpotOn’s Customer Engagement Platform Will Accelerate Your Business

Business owners have a lot of jobs to do and not a lot of time to do it. That’s why we have combined tools for managing marketing campaigns, customer reviews, and loyalty rewards into one easy-to-use platform that we call SpotOn Core. With Core, you no longer need to waste time using a half-dozen different websites and apps to reach your customers and monitor your online reputation—you can do everything with one app. In addition, Core gives you a variety of ways to connect with your customers, either manually or with SpotOn’s automated campaigns.

The automated features are customizable so that your platform automatically sends email campaigns to trigger visits from new, existing, or lapsed customers. In addition, Core’s built-in algorithm identifies your best customers and automatically requests reviews from them when they’re most likely to write a glowing endorsement of your business.

Core also makes it easy to create marketing campaigns manually. Thanks to the platform’s eye-catching templates and easy-to-use wizards, it takes only moments to send marketing emails that are optimized for both web and mobile viewing. You can also reach customers on social media or through SpotOn’s consumer app, which has hundreds of thousands of shoppers looking for discounts and deals from businesses like yours.


Taking the Guesswork out of Marketing

The last important feature of SpotOn’s software platform is the analytics dashboard, where you can monitor both sales trends and your marketing campaigns. Located within the same app as our marketing tools, the analytics dashboard is intuitive, making it quick and easy to download detailed sales reports or review sales summaries and trends right there on the dashboard.

Additionally, the analytics dashboard tracks the success your marketing campaigns so you can clearly see connections between customers, their transactions, and your marketing campaigns, giving you a definitive ROI for your marketing efforts.


By combining all these tools together—payments, analytics, marketing, reviews, and loyalty—SpotOn’s software platform is built to save you time and grow earnings. Simply put, it’s the smartest solution for business owners.

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