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The SpotOn Platform

We empower our merchants with an end-to-end solution that combines payments and customer engagement tools, so they can do more with less

The SpotOn platform combines payment processing with powerful customer engagement tools, making it simple and effective for small businesses to run and grow their business with an easy-to-use virtual command center. Even better, our merchants can access that virtual command center wherever they are, either using a computer or our free Business Dashboard app for iPhone and Android. In addition to our Core customer engagement tools, we also offer a growing range of custom solutions for specific industries, such as salons and restaurants.

What Sales Partners Are Saying About the SpotOn Platform


With SpotOn, small and medium business can save money, thanks to our low, straightforward pricing. By accepting payments with SpotOn, merchants can also collect and leverage customer information collected at the point of sale to drive their marketing efforts. Merchants can:

  • Choose the payment processing hardware that best fits their business
  • Pay only one low monthly subscription fee, with no monthly minimums, statement fees, batch fees, PCI fees, data breach fees, non-compliance fees, or regulatory fees—with SpotOn there are never hidden "junk” fees
  • Save money with low credit processing fees—SpotOn will beat any competitor’s rates
  • Rest easy knowing there’s no long-term contract or commitment
  • Gather customer data, which are then seamlessly incorporated into their SpotOn platform’s customer engagement tools
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SpotOn’s platform makes it easy for merchants to connect with their customers quickly and more effectively than ever before. With SpotOn, merchants can:

  • Import their existing customer list and continue to expand it as customer emails are seamlessly collected during the checkout process
  • Connect with customers where they hang out, through social media, email, and mobile alerts
  • Send deals by email and through the SpotOn Consumer App, which has a built-in user base of hundreds of thousands of customers
  • Save time by using eye-catching templates and intuitive wizards to send emails that are optimized for however your customers read them—online or on their phone
  • Create automated email campaigns targeted at specific groups of customers, including new, existing, and lapsed customers
“I feel excited and privileged to sell the SpotOn platform because it offers so much to merchants.”

- Heather Fisher


With SpotOn, businesses can also monitor their online reputation and improve it by turning their best customers into their best marketers. Merchants are able to:

  • View all of their online reviews in one place, along with their metascore (their average score from all review sites)
  • Boost their overall ratings with our built-in algorithm that identifies their best customers and prompts them to leave reviews at the right time
  • Receive automated alerts when new reviews are posted
  • Climb higher in the search rankings for their type of business as the number of their reviews grows


Merchants are also able to view real-time sales data and analytics from their SpotOn virtual dashboard, accessible online or through our mobile dashboard app. Merchants can easily:

  • Review summaries and trends, as well as the number of daily customers to get a quick overview of their business
  • Access and download detailed sales data
  • Utilize easy-to-understand analytic tools to connect the dots between customers, their transactions, and marketing, showing you a clear ROI for your marketing efforts
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Lastly, the SpotOn platform makes it easy for businesses to create a digital loyalty rewards program to keep their regulars coming and attract new customers. With the program, merchants can:

  • Create rewards to encourage repeat visits from their customers
  • Enroll customers into their loyalty program directly on our flagship payment processing hardware or on a dedicated loyalty “Kiosk” tablet, which we provide merchants for free
  • Choose whether their customers earn loyalty Spots by visit or by how much they spend
  • Streamline the check-out process with the flexibility of having customers check-in and redeem rewards using using their phone number, email address, the SpotOn consumer app, or a card
  • Leverage the massive user base of shoppers already using the SpotOn consumer app to entice new customers to visit your business


SpotOn’s salon solution makes it easy for businesses to manage their scheduling and services, while also enabling their customers to book appointments online, which is a huge deal with 61% of consumers either expecting local businesses to offer online booking or saying it would set them apart from other local businesses. With our software app, merchants can:

  • Manage their services and schedule from our intuitive virtual dashboard, with the ability to print daily schedules and performance reports
  • Enable customers to book appointments online, both on the merchant’s website and company Facebook page
  • Store and access their customers’ history, including notes such as their preferred shampoo or nail color
  • Use our Core marketing tools and automatically ring-up clients to accept credit card payments with the lowest rates and no hidden fees ever
  • Assign unique user permissions depending on whether they run an employee-based salon or a booth-renter model
laptop using SpotOn's salon scheduling software

We All Succeed Together

SpotOn is reinventing how the payment processing industry works. By integrating payment processing with customer engagement tools, we have created a platform that allows small businesses to connect with their customers and accelerate revenue like never before.

As a SpotOn Sales Partner, you’ll be selling a product that empowers merchants in your local area to thrive, and when they thrive, your income increases, too, thanks to our 50-50 residuals!

“I feel so welcomed and supported by EVERYONE at SpotOn, from the all the executives to all the other departments.”

- Dillon Danekas