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The SpotOn platform is an end-to-end solution that combines payments with powerful software for businesses to streamline operations, connect with their customers, and accelerate revenue.

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What Account Executives Are Saying About the SpotOn Platform

Point-of-Sale Solutions

SpotOn has point-of-sale systems sized to fit any business, whether it’s a 20-location restaurant chain, professional services office, or retail boutique. Our most popular point-of-sales are cutting-edge smart terminals built to arm our clients with information so that they can make the best decisions for their business.
  • SpotOn Poynt, our most popular payment solution, is a hybrid POS that lets businesses get out from behind the counter to wherever customers are, and is fully integrated with SpotOn Marketing, Loyalty, and Appointments
  • SpotOn Register is our solution for retail locations, cafes, and other businesses that require a full point-of-sale solution, with Marketing and Loyalty integration
  • SpotOn Restaurant is our cloud-based point-of-sale for the food & beverage industry, with best-in-class reporting, online ordering capabilities, and more
  • Business can also choose from traditional pinpad style terminals, mobile swipers, or convert their existing point-of-sale system
  • All businesses get access to our Virtual Terminal, built-in to their online dashboard, making it easy to process payments right from a computer
  • SpotOn puts money back into the pockets of our clients by never charging monthly minimums, statement fees, batch fees, PCI fees, data breach fees, non-compliance fees, or regulatory fees
  • Businesses can also typically save money on credit card processing rates with our Preferred Payment Processing Rate Program or custom processing rates
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Transparent pricing. Next day funding. No hidden fees.

1.99% + 20c

or custom payment processing rates


SpotOn’s platform makes it easy for businesses to connect with their customers quickly and more effectively than ever before. With SpotOn, businesses can:

  • Import their existing customer list and continue to expand it as customer emails are seamlessly collected during the checkout process
  • Connect with customers where they hang out, through social media, email, and mobile alerts
  • Send deals by email and through the SpotOn Consumer App, which has a built-in user base of hundreds of thousands of customers
  • Save time by using eye-catching templates and intuitive wizards to send emails that are optimized for however their customers read them—online or on their phone
  • Create automated email campaigns to send deals to new customers as well as customers celebrating a birthday

“I feel excited and privileged to sell the SpotOn platform because it offers so much to merchants.”

–Heather Fisher


With SpotOn, businesses can also monitor their online reputation and improve it by turning their best customers into their best marketers. Merchants are able to:

  • View all of their online reviews in one place, along with their metascore (their average score from all review sites)
  • Boost their overall ratings with our built-in algorithm that identifies their best customers and prompts them to leave reviews at the right time
  • Receive automated alerts when new reviews are posted
  • Climb higher in the search rankings for their type of business as the number of their reviews grows


Our optional digital loyalty program makes it easy for businesses to keep their regulars coming and attract new customers. With the program, merchants can:

  • Create rewards to encourage repeat visits from their customers
  • Enroll customers into their loyalty program directly on our flagship payment processing hardware or on a dedicated loyalty “Kiosk” tablet, which we provide merchants for free
  • Choose whether their customers earn loyalty Spots by visit or by how much they spend
  • Streamline the check-out process with the flexibility of having customers check-in and redeem rewards using using their phone number, email address, the SpotOn consumer app, or a card
  • Leverage the massive user base of shoppers already using the SpotOn consumer app to entice new customers to visit your business


Our optional digital loyalty program makes it easy for businesses to keep their regulars coming and attract new customers. With the program, merchants can:

  • Book more appointments by enabling customers to book appointments from their website, Facebook business page, and the SpotOn consumer app
  • Increase the number of add-on services by displaying a fully customized catalog of services
  • Book appointments directly from their dashboard for phone appointments and walk-ins
  • Quickly ring-up customers on SpotOn Poynt, which is fully integrated with Appointments
  • Re-book appointments at checkout or directly from a customer’s appointment history
  • Reduce no-shows thanks to our automated appointment verification and reminders


SpotOn is integrated with Gusto's best-in-class payroll solution to help our clients save time and money on employee payroll processing. Business that enroll receive:

  • 3 months free
  • Free W2s
  • Unlimited payrolls
  • Automated payroll filings and tax payments
  • Savings of over $2,000, on average, compared to other payroll providers


Our turnkey website creator lets businesses choose from dozens of eye-catching templates across a spectrum of business types, customize the site to their liking, and go live with it in minutes. Alternatively, a SpotOn specialist can create the site for businesses, for no extra charge, saving them and hundreds of dollars compared to traditional website design. Businesses can:

  • Choose from dozens of business templates tailored to nearly every industry
  • Add photos, videos, maps, and more, in real-time by simply dragging and dropping
  • Improve their discoverability online and control their online reputation
  • Add online booking through SpotOn Appointments, as well as online ordering through SpotOn Restaurant
  • Get everything, including design, hosting, and a custom domain name for one low monthly fee

We All Succeed Together

SpotOn is reinventing how the payment processing industry works. By integrating payment processing with powerful software, we have created a platform that allows small businesses to connect with their customers and accelerate revenue like never before.

As a SpotOn Account Executive, you’ll be selling a product that empowers merchants in your local area to thrive, and when they thrive, your income increases, too, thanks to our profit sharing!


“I feel so welcomed and supported by EVERYONE at SpotOn, from all the executives to all the other departments.”

–Dillon Danekas

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