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SpotOn Academy

SpotOn flies out our top performing Account Executives to our corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California for a three-day event known as SpotOn Academy. Attendees meet with our executive team, sales directors, and our entire support staff to gain advanced insights and techniques on everything from strategy and messaging to how to position our products and services to the market.

As an Account Executive you’ll be eligible for consideration to attend once you’ve signed up five or more merchant accounts.

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Gain Invaluable Insights Directly from the SpotOn Executives

SpotOn Academy is led by our executive leadership team, which boasts decades of experience and high-level expertise in the payment industry, software sales, and customer service. This is an amazing opportunity, and attendees head home with a wealth of knowledge to take their careers to new heights.

As an attendee, you will meet and gain insights from:

  • RJ Horsley, President
  • Matt Hyman, Co-Founder
  • Zach Hyman, Co-Founder
  • Kristofer Atkinson, Vice President of Sales

"Thank you for giving us all the tools to help us become successful in this business. Thank you for believing in us. The last 3 days were amazing and very informative."

- Mario Lopez

Meet Your Support Team and Learn How all the Pieces of SpotOn Work Together as a Well-Oiled Machine

When you attend SpotOn Academy, you’ll see firsthand why employees and Account Executives alike enjoy being part of the SpotOn family. It’s more than the fact that it’s a friendly atmosphere where everyone enjoys each other’s company—it’s also because everyone is highly skilled and adds tremendous value to the SpotOn platform. As an attendee, you’ll meet with:

  • Our executive team to learn best sales practices, personal and business development strategies, and more; and also provide your own insights from the field and how we can better support you
  • Your personal Sales Director to formulate goals, as well as individualized strategies for reaching them
  • Our marketing director to learn how to market yourself in your local market, as well as the ins-and-outs of our SpotOn branding
  • Our tech support team so you can become an expert on the SpotOn product, both our payment hardware and our software products
  • Our customer engagement team, so you can learn how we support your merchants to make sure they’re getting the most out of the SpotOn family
Meet Your Support Team and Learn How all the Pieces of SpotOn Work Together as a Well-Oiled Machine

Did We Mention You’ll Have Fun, Too?

You’ll learn a lot at SpotOn Academy and be well on the way to taking your career to the next level, but that’s not all. You’ll also have fun during the three-day trip. Our corporate headquarters is located in the Financial District of downtown San Francisco, and during your three-night stay, you’ll attend one hosted dinner and have two nights on the town to do as you please!

SpotOn Academy Sample Agenda
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