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Our proprietary online sales portal is designed so you can manage your entire business from wherever you are

Say Hello to Your Virtual Office

At SpotOn, we strive to ensure our Sales Partners are set up for success. In addition to having a live sales support team that’s available whenever you need them, you will have access to our proprietary sales portal, called TheSpot. TheSpot has been extensively beta tested by Sales Partners in the field  across the nation, and is continually updated and improved based on the feedback we receive from Sales Partners attending SpotOn Academy.

As a Sales Partner, you’ll be able to manage every aspect of your business from TheSpot, no matter where you are—on a computer, tablet, or your mobile phone.

  • Get live support from your sales team with a built-in chat feature
  • Access on-demand training content
  • View and download product 1-sheets
  • Watch product videos
  • Manage your calendar
  • Manage your lead pipeline
  • Sign up merchants right from your phone!
  • “I love the quick access to marketing materials and a clear breakdown of residuals and payroll. TheSpot makes staying organized much easier."
    - Dillon Danekas
  • “This tool is so awesome. It has been cleverly designed so there is extreme value for both the "check-in" user and the "fully-vested" extreme planner.”
    - Lance Medich
  • “Outstanding group of people. The sales team is the best I have ever worked with…”
    – Ben Jimmerson

Manage Your Pipeline

Managing your pipeline of leads can be a pain, but we’ve made it easy with TheSpot’s built-in Pipeline management system that is fully interactive. You can add, update, and sort all your leads, along with all of their relevant contact information so that each and every lead is just a swipe or click away.

  • Quickly add new leads while you’re in the field doing your prospecting
  • Categorize your leads as Hot, Warm, Cold, or Lost
  • Easily sort your leads by type to access all the information you need to follow up with them
  • Contact your leads directly through the interactive menu items in TheSpot
  • Send your leads collateral like spec-sheets and videos directly from the Resources page

Sign Up New Merchants Right From Your Phone

We’ve spared no expense to make sure your job in the field as a Sales Partner goes as smoothly as possible. That means you have multiple ways to sign up new merchants. If you want to use a traditional paper application, you can—we’ll supply you with copies, and you can print out new copies anytime from the Resources section of TheSpot.

You can also sign up merchants directly from TheSpot, either on a computer or your mobile phone. This method expedites the application process so your merchants can get up and running faster, and you can get paid sooner.

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Keep Tabs on Your Merchants and Your Income

From your dashboard on TheSpot, it’s easy to monitor the status of all your signed merchants and make sure they are operating smoothly. You can also access real-time data on your payroll, because, let’s face it, your income is a big deal.

  • Search for merchants by name or type and access all of their details, including their contact information and status
  • Contact merchants directly through The Spot on your mobile phone, and pull up directions with the interactive address and maps
  • Monitor the activity of your merchants, including processing volume, enrollments in their marketing or loyalty program, batch reports, and more
  • Create private notes for merchants and file service tickets if any of your merchants are experiencing technical issues
  • See how much you’ve already been paid for the month, as well as what payments you have pending
  • View your deposits and residuals in graph format to monitor the growth of your income over time
woman showing a man her tablet

Manage Your Daily Schedule

The Spot has a built-in calendar feature so you can plan and keep track of your schedule to balance prospecting with attending meetings, sales conferences, and all of your other events.

  • View your day at a glance right from the homepage
  • Create new events from the Calendar page
  • View all the details of your schedule month-by-month, week-by-week, or day-by-day
  • Sync the calendar to your Google calendar associated with your SpotOn email address
  • Easily search for past appointments

Access our Comprehensive Library of Resources Any Time

Our resources page provides everything you need to master the SpotOn platform and advance your career, whether you’re just starting as a SpotOn Sales Partner or you’re a seasoned veteran.

  • Access product videos to educate yourself or to show to prospective merchants
  • Stream on-demand training modules created by our highly-experienced sales leadership team
  • View and download product sell sheets
  • Download applications and other important forms
  • Watch our monthly Spotlight video series with product updates, sales tips, and strategies
“TheSpot has all the resources you could possibly need.”