Amanda M. Westbrooks

Amanda M. Westbrooks

Boston, MA

Amanda is a Boston-based content strategist. An award-winning foodservice B2B writer & tech-savvy geek, she specializes in covering the convergence of emerging technologies with restaurant business.

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6 Social Media Restaurant Marketing Trends

Restaurant marketing is constantly evolving—and with the increase in online ordering, reviews, and social media engagement, your online presence is critical to your bottom line. According to restaurant marketing agency MGH [], 45% of restaurant guests in the United States tried a restaurant because...

Why Food Trucks, Ghost Kitchens, and Pop-Ups Need an Online Presence

Food trucks, ghost kitchens, and pop-ups let restaurateurs extend their skills and businesses beyond their brick-and-mortar locations (and could help them keep their businesses going while their storefronts are limited by COVID-19 guidelines). But they also create a greater need for maintaining an online presence. According to Restaurant Business [https:...

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