Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

San Diego, CA

Brian has intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry, having worked his way up to managing partner, and leads an award winning Culinary Program in San Diego. Hospitality runs deep in Brian's soul.

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Using Data Analytics Tools to Perfect Your Online Menu

If you're looking to revamp or update your restaurant's online menu, your first step should be reviewing the most recent reports from your data analytics tools. The right restaurant tech tools [] will feature a reporting dashboard [

How to Handle a Chargeback as a Restaurateur

As a restaurant owner or operator of the latest and greatest restaurant in the neighborhood, a credit card chargeback is the last thing you want to see days or weeks after a guest transaction is complete. Understanding what a chargeback is and how to handle them is important to the...

Social Media Marketing Tips for Food Truck Operators

Food truck operators go to great lengths to make their menus desirable and their trucks shine. Your drive combined with the right marketing tools will help you produce the return you hoped for. You already have a great menu, crave-able flavors, and a suitable truck—which are all key for...

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