Sarah Greesonbach

Sarah Greesonbach

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Sarah Greesonbach is a business writer and writing teacher specializing in B2B technology, HR, and marketing.

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3 Tech Solutions to Streamline Auto Body Shop Invoicing

Have you ever put yourself in your customers' shoes when it comes to auto body shop invoicing and costs? Many customers find it difficult to plan for the unexpected, especially when "the unexpected" affects your mode of transportation in the form of a fender bender or that necessary but hard-to-remember...

3 Benefits to Owning Your Customer Data

For many small businesses, third-party providers were a lifeline at the start of 2020. Different types of delivery platforms helped grocery and retail businesses pivot to meet customer demand for delivery, curbside, and online ordering practically overnight. But there's a hidden downside to these seemingly miraculous apps—you don't own...

Communicating Your Post-Pandemic Customer Interaction Expectations

As the COVID-19 pandemic winds down across the country and around the world, customers are flocking back to in-person shopping. You might be eager to ramp up in-store activity at your small business again—but you're also looking to do so safely. Bringing customers back into the store comes with...

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