Satta Hightower

Satta Hightower

Satta is a journalist-turned-content marketer. She's worked with clients such as Adobe, Amazon, Google, Forbes, Morgan Stanley, Credit Karma & more.

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4 Back-to-Work and Back-to-School Marketing Ideas for Retailers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of children participated in remote learning and millions of people worked from home for more than a year. While this changed many families' education and working environments, it also changed how they prepared for the workweek—and how retailers marketed to them. As...

3 Ways to Foster Customer Engagement in the Health and Beauty Industry

From online bookings to virtual makeup try-ons [] and tutorials on TikTok [], the health and beauty industry is undoubtedly experimenting with different ways to engage consumers. Online customer engagement can lead to several benefits for your business, including...

5 Best Practices for Onboarding New Employees

If you don't know where to start onboarding new employees, you're not alone. Only 12% of employees think that their employers have an effective onboarding process, Gallup [] reports. A positive onboarding experience can set new employees up for...

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