Look around your auto business. What do you see? You probably see all the latest tools, along with the computerized vehicles of the modern automotive world.

But what about your customer payment infrastructure? Is it built to handle modern needs?

Ditching the clunky, old cash register and adopting a contactless payment terminal can modernize your business and help your customers get in and out of your shop without having to hand over a card or cash. Seamless point-of-sale systems and contactless payment options have become so in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, CNBC reports, that customers now expect them.

But health and safety concerns are just one element of why a modern payment infrastructure is a must-have in the automotive industry. The chance to improve the customer experience, nurture customer loyalty, simplify transactions, and reduce your administrative burden is just as compelling when making the move to the latest point-of-sale system.

Benefits of going contactless

It's easy to focus on what contactless payment can do for your customers. Letting your customers choose between hovering their credit or debit card over your sales terminal or using the near-field capability of their smartphone to access their digital wallet makes for a safe, seamless transaction every time.

But a well-deployed payment management system offers so much more than pay-and-go convenience. For starters, mobile point-of-sale terminals free your employees from the front desk. They can settle a bill while standing next to a customer's vehicle, which gets one customer on the road and another one in the shop quickly. It's also easy to add or remove items at any time throughout the sale without having to make multiple transactions, bringing an added layer of convenience to every transaction.

Point-of-sale systems provide numerous other benefits, too. You can integrate your cash, credit, and debit transactions with your full client database. This lets you and your employees see when a customer is due for their next scheduled warranty check, oil change, or trade-in at payment time — and schedule their next appointment right then and there.

People need cars and cars need fixing, even during a pandemic. Offering mobile, contactless payment options keeps business flowing while minimizing contact and keeping everyone safe.

Reaping the rewards of an integrated system

That's just the tip of the iceberg for how a modern register can better connect you to your customers. An advanced point-of-sale terminal can link effortlessly with your customer loyalty program, making it easy to keep track of your best clients and reward them for repeat visits. It also lets you easily enroll new clients and give them an extra incentive to return.

Once a customer's on board, you have access to their complete history with your shop, giving you an in-depth look at their needs. From there, it's a short step from providing customers with bonus points and services to sending them direct marketing emails tied to upcoming vehicle needs.

It's easy to integrate your point-of-sale system with an online reputation management tool, too. You can use point-of-sale data to identify your best customers, then autogenerate emails asking them to show your business some love on the review sites that can boost your business and improve your standing in the local community.

Whether it provides contactless payment, improves customer contact, or both (and then some), a modern payment infrastructure is the logical next step toward building a thriving auto business with streamlined solutions for both sides of the counter.

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