Garrett Calcaterra

Garrett Calcaterra

San Francisco Website Twitter

Garrett is Editorial Director at SpotOn. He brings 20+ years of expertise in helping businesses big and small communicate effectively with their employees and customers.

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The SpotOn Business Dashboard App

You can’t be at your business 24/7, but now your business can always be with you thanks to the SpotOn Business Dashboard app for iOS and Android. The Business Dashboard connects you to live sales data from your business and also gives you remote access to SpotOn Core,...

Why You Should Be Reading Your Competitors' Negative Reviews

It’s important to make a habit of monitoring reviews of your own business for a couple of reasons: 1) bad reviews on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp can scare off prospective customers unless you respond to those negative reviews appropriately []; and 2) critical...

Avoid These 5 Pitfalls of Social Media for Business

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that gives small and medium businesses an affordable way to directly engage customers and grow revenue—when done the right way. Unfortunately, there’s also a wrong way, and the outcome can be a tarnished reputation, lost customers, and lost revenue. To make...

4 Reasons to Give Customers a Way to Book Appointments Online

Aug 20, 2020 If your business relies on appointment scheduling, adding the ability for your customers to book appointments online can be a game changer. According to a study by Yodle Insights [], 61% of consumers either expect local businesses to offer online booking...

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