James McGrath

James McGrath

Melbourne, Australia Website Twitter

James is a small business writer and CX practitioner. He's written extensively about small businesses around the world, gaining deep insight into the issues which keep business owners up at night.

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How Food Trucks with Online Ordering Can Deepen Guest Relationships

Food trucks with online ordering systems are doing more than simply processing payments—they're offering a richer guest experience. Connecting hungry people with delicious food is a tried-and-tested business model, but the transaction is pretty much limited to the time and place where it's made. That is a missed opportunity....

Boosting Restaurant Customer Service by Beating the Queue

Getting restaurant customer service right is tough. Busy periods might be great for business, but managing the long lines that accompany them can be a deal breaker. A long line broadens the gap between wanting service and getting it. Just seeing a line is sometimes enough to turn people away....

How to Follow Safety Procedures to Reopen Your Restaurant

During the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants have been dreaming of the day they can welcome their guests back into their dining rooms. With vaccination rates rising and public gathering limits increasing nationwide, that day draws nearer—and in some places, it's already here. But you can't just throw open your restaurant's...

Resilience Is the Future of the Restaurant Industry

2020 changed the future of the restaurant industry. The COVID-19 pandemic closed dining rooms and created deep fear about dining out. Restaurant sales fell $240 billion short of expectations, Fortune [https://fortune.com/2021/01/26/restaurants-bars-closed-2020-jobs-lost-how-many-have-closed-us-covid-pandemic-stimulus-unemployment/] reports, and more than 110,000 restaurants in the United States closed in...

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