Kristie Kwok

Kristie Kwok

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Kristie is a business writer with a passion to help entrepreneurs grow their business. She's also a qualified accountant with BA in Commerce.

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Building Customer Loyalty for Rent-a-Chair Hair Stylists

When salon or barbershop operators help you showcase your talent as an individual stylist, they empower you to follow your passion and build a repeat clientele. As your reputation grows, the salon brand strengthens. Chairs are filled. Clients are happy. It's a win-win for all. But building customer...

How Marketing Management Tools Can Streamline Your Business

Being a small-business owner comes with a unique set of challenges. You're managing employees, plotting marketing campaigns, and keeping your business afloat. On top of this, you're figuring out how to deliver more services digitally. The problem with keeping so many plates spinning is that you...

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