SpotOn Staff Contributor

SpotOn Staff Contributor

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Alma Barreto on What Truly Matters in Life

I remember being in high school and talking with my best friend Uriel about our big plans—what we’d do when we “grew up.” He wanted to be an accountant, and I wanted to be a writer. Then my father unexpectedly lost his job after decades of service. He...

Pammela Sanchez, on Hard Decisions, Patience, and Thriving

I was working as a medical translator when COVID started. It was really difficult because I like helping people. I like solving problems. Although I was able to give them the information they needed in a way they could understand it, I was sometimes giving the patients information that was...

Jennifer Solberg on Empowering Women to Succeed

We sat down with Jennifer Solberg, Director of Operations, Client Services at SpotOn. Here Jennifer shares her thoughts on running a business, the women that inspired her, and what to expect from the next generations of women in the workplace.

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