We took a look at menu pricing and spending at restaurants across the country over the period of six months to understand the impacts of inflation on restaurant operation and guest level of satisfaction. This infographic illustrates what we discovered.

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Despite supply chain disruptions, a fluctuating market, and other economic factors leading to increased menu prices, a new study on inflation from SpotOn indicated that restaurants are adapting—and that Americans are supporting the hospitality industry with higher tips.

Individual menu items are on the rise.

Average menu item price, with the average entree costing $19.50, including tax.

Biggest menu item risers.

  • Prawns: +14%
  • Crab: +11%
  • Tacos: +10.5%
  • Lobster: +8%
  • Pizza: +7%

Order totals have increased to match.

Average order amount, having increased from $32 to $34 in six months.

"Due to inflation, food costs have gone through the roof. To take on this challenge, we adjusted our menus and pricing to be comparable to the restaurants we compete with in the market." -Jonathan Katsiros, Omelet Shoppe

Restaurants are adapting cash incentives to cut costs.

New restaurant clients using a cash discount program to offset credit card transaction costs.

Despite rising costs, Americans are tipping more.

Average tip amount from restaurant guests.

Source: SpotOn internal analysis of restaurant transaction data over 6 months, from October 2021 through April 2022. https://spoton.com/blog/inflation-impacts-on-dining-out-in-america/

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