As a restaurant operator, you have a lot on your plate. You need to maintain the guest experience, keep operations moving, juggle schedules, monitor inventory, and stay on top of your bottom line. But is your technology providing the support and automation you need to stay ahead?

SpotOn infographic: Assessing the Health of Your Restaurant Software

Here are 10 questions you can answer to help determine if you have the right technology for your restaurant.

1. Are you providing guests the services they're looking for?

Services to consider:

46% of consumers want restaurants to offer online/mobile or tabletop ordering capabilities, and 43% prefer them for payment. 1

2. Does your front-of-house have the features to provide the best guest experience?

Services to consider:

  • Automated table management with waitlist alerts
  • Contact tracing for guest and employee safety
  • Tableside ordering and payment
  • Customer database with details to deliver a more personalized guest experience
  • Open tabs and check splitting
  • Carryout, curbside, or delivery order updates
53% of adults say purchasing takeout or delivery is essential to the way they live. 2

3. Is your POS system fully integrated with your other business software and applications?

Integrations to consider:

  • Employee attendance tracking
  • Timesheets, productivity, and overtime tracking
  • User access control settings
  • Employee profiles
  • Payroll management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Third-party delivery orders
  • HR, training, compliance systems, and delivery order updates
76% of hospitality/restaurant front-line employees think digitized processes and tasks would make them more productive. 3

4. Is your POS easy to use?

Questions to consider:

  • Are the screens easy to understand?
  • Is it quick to navigate?
  • Is it customizable to your restaurant needs?
  • Are the modifiers easy to use?
  • Can you customize it to meet your restaurant's needs?

5. Are your kitchen operations integrated?

Features to consider:

  • Inventory management
  • Kitchen display systems and printers
  • Ability to manage menus across day parts, as well as mobile or off-premises

6. Do you receive real-time reports?

Restaurant reports to consider:

  • Sales and labor by hour
  • Product mix
  • Employee sales
  • Station sales
  • Transactions

7. Does your POS system include mobile features?

Features to consider:

  • Manager app with back-of-house controls
  • Remote reporting monitoring
  • Mobile payment app for off-premise sales

8. Can you manage your marketing efforts with your POS system?

Features to consider:

5X. It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.

9. Is your technology providing dollars-and-cents results?

  • Exceptional maintenance and support
  • Documentation and ongoing training as a the technology evolves and updates
  • Greater profit than fees

10. Is your technology adaptable to your restaurant's needs?

  • Mobile wallet payments
  • Off-premise ordering
  • Additional POS integration options

How did you do?

If you answered "No" to five or more of these questions, then there may be gaps within your restaurant technology. Knowing what you need is a good start, but it may be time to consider a new solution. Request your free demo and connect with a SpotOn rep today.

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