When it comes to delivering an outstanding guest experience, Jose Gurrola at Necio Mexican Kitchen has a clear vision: serve authentic Mexican cuisine from the heart. To achieve this, the restaurant needed to improve its operational efficiency in several key areas, including streamlining its kitchen workflows, optimizing order processing, reducing wait times, and ensuring seamless communication between front-of-house and back-of-house staff.

“What makes Necio unique is that we use cooking techniques that are traditional to our culture.”  – Jose Gurrola, President, Necio Mexican Kitchen

From the classic sopes and hard shell taquitos to the more complicated dishes like chicken pozole or mole, you can see Jose's commitment to authenticity. Every dish is crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. However, the road to running a successful restaurant is paved with challenges, like managing staff turnover, maintaining consistent food quality, and adapting to the latest technology. Jose's typical day starts early: "I wake up, I try to get my body moving, and I get hydrated. I get in here early in the morning, check on my managers, and make sure that they're doing what they need to do to set up the success of the service." 

Despite his rigorous routine, Jose realized he needed a reliable tech partner to achieve the level of service he was striving for, and his current system wasn't cutting it. Frustrated due to its unreliability and complexity, he knew exactly what he wanted: "When looking for a POS system, I needed it to be simple, scalable, and reliable." 

Enter SpotOn. "Once we got familiar with the technology, we realized it was much simpler and easier to use," he reflects. The personalized service and customization offered by SpotOn were game-changers. The SpotOn team worked closely with Jose to tailor the system to the specific needs of Necio Mexican Kitchen. This ensured that the restaurant POS system integrated seamlessly with their operations. The swift 24-hour installation process was crucial, allowing them to transition without impacting business, and the hands-on support meant they were up and running smoothly in no time.

One significant addition was SpotOn's Kitchen Display System (KDS), which helped improve efficiency by clearly and accurately displaying orders for the staff. "KDS has massively facilitated our operations. It helps with communication from the front to the back of the house. Everything is color-coded, so we stay on top of our ticket times," Jose notes. "This system drastically reduced errors and food waste, contributing to a more efficient and profitable operation."

Kitchen staff looking at a kitchen system display
"KDS has massively facilitated our operations," Jose notes.

But Jose's commitment to authenticity doesn't stop at the kitchen. He constantly looks for ways to enhance the menu and service, tapping into trends while staying true to Mexican traditions. He's cleverly caught onto the brunch wave, but with a twist—he's mixing it up with traditional Mexican flavors and the crowd-pleaser, bottomless drinks. This isn't just any brunch. It's an event happening every weekend from 10 am to 2 pm, drawing in a crowd that's eager to dive into authentic Mexican cuisine and come back for more. Additionally, Jose invests in his staff, ensuring they are well-trained and passionate about the food they serve, which translates into exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Reflecting on his journey, Jose sees SpotOn as more than just a tool, but a partner in his restaurant's success. "SpotOn works for me because it's simple to use, easy to teach, and there's just nothing like it in the market," says Jose.

Jose Gurrola's story with Necio Mexican Kitchen blends tradition and modernity, where authentic cuisine meets cutting-edge technology. SpotOn has not only helped Jose streamline his operations but also allowed him to stay true to his culinary roots while delivering an exceptional dining experience. For Jose, it's all about elevating every guest's experience, one authentic Mexican dish at a time, with the reliable support of a technology partner he trusts.

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