Kitchen display system

Get orders right the first time with a kitchen display system

SpotOn's integration with Fresh KDS coordinates your front-of-house with your kitchen so cooks have what they need to make every order perfect, every time.

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Because comped food costsunderline you money

Lost paper tickets. Faded ink. Printer failures. So often, these are the culprits of food waste, comped remakes, and high costs. A kitchen display system (KDS) helps you keep more profit by giving your cooks the information they need to make every order quickly and accurately.

A kitchen display to boost order speed and food quality

Reduce ticket times and labor costs

Get food out faster with features that streamline the order-making process and help your cooks work more efficiently.

iconOrder routing
Make sure your in-house and online orders get to the right station. Automatically route orders based on order type or item category.
iconTicket management
Manage your tickets right from the screen. Clear, organize, hold, and recall orders with just a few taps.
iconColor-coded transitions
Get food out on time. Prioritize your urgent orders with tickets that change colors as their time increases.

Do more with your display

Whether you've got one or multiple stations in your back-of-house, SpotOn's integration with Fresh KDS lets you customize your system to match your kitchen's workflow.

Image Do more with your display
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    Customizable screens

    Set up your KDS to how your cooks work. Choose between different themes, colors, and sounds for your screens.

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    Display modes

    See your tickets how you want with 3 different display modes—classic view, tiled view, or split view.

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    Cross-screen communication

    Clear items from multiple screens at once or move tickets down the line as each part of the order is completed.

Keep guests in the loop

With guest-communication features, your restaurant can make it easy for everyone to stay updated on their order statuses.

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    SMS notifications

    Automatically send text messages to guests when orders are received, in the works, or ready for pickup.

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    Easy printing

    Add labels or tickets to orders. Print with the touch of a button or when certain order types are received or bumped.

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    Order tracking

    Serve up real-time updates on a customer-facing screen that shows whether orders are in preparation or done.

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Point-of-sale hardware

Get POS hardware that connects to Fresh KDS with a 2-way sync. SpotOn offers restaurants a variety of configurations that can fit any space.

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Work with a
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Your restaurant is unique. That's why we customize your SpotOn solution to the way you work. Our technology is backed by a few promises:

  • Honest pricing with no hidden fees and no long-term commitment
  • A local account executive that's ready to assist whenever you need help
  • An implementation team that sets up your system and gives your staff onsite training
  • 24/7/365 phone support from real people that respond within a few minutes
  • Experts who'll ensure your restaurant tech is running just the way you want it—today and tomorrow

See how a kitchen display system can increase your throughput

Finding the right KDS for your kitchen can be a challenge. Let us make it easier by showing you how SpotOn's integration with Fresh KDS can make your restaurant more efficient.

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