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Keep the good times rolling late into the night with technology that speeds up every aspect of your bar or nightclub.

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With everything you need to do to keep your bar going, you don't have time to be messing with your tech. It just needs to work.

At SpotOn, we make sure that happens. From onsite installation and training to 24/7/365 customer support, you get technology that works for you—and a partner who's there to keep it that way.

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Give your bartenders everything they need to pour another round
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From happy hour to last call, keep drinks flowing with a bar POS system that’s built for your needs. SpotOn Restaurant combines sleek, durable hardware with customizable software so you can choose only the tools you need while keeping your bar streamlined.

  • Pour more drinks and boost sales with lightning-fast ordering and payments
  • Optimize server workflows using customizable bar and high top layouts
  • Avoid fraud and chargebacks by securely starting bar tabs with credit and debit cards
  • Make better business decisions through at-a-glance dashboards and reporting
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Handhelds & QR

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Empower servers to take more tables and get higher sales. SpotOn Handheld and QR codes enable ordering to happen faster from anywhere in your bar—even on patios and rooftops.

  • Reduce errors and ticket times by enabling servers to take and send orders instantly
  • Turn tables faster by letting guests settle their checks with QR scan & pay
  • Close out parties faster by accepting all payment types and printing receipts on the spot
  • Boost tip averages and keep your best servers happy with preset tipping percentages
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Waitlist & experiences

Accommodate the crowds with a digital waitlist. SpotOn Reserve helps you keep your bar full and manage your special events while keeping your staff sane.

  • Allow guests to grab their spot online or at the door with a digital waitlist
  • Manage experiences like axe throwing and rage rooms, or large group bookings
  • Know and market to your regulars by capturing their ordering data every time they visit

Getting bar managers out of the back office

Maintain your staff and your sanity with time-saving labor management tools. SpotOn Teamwork connects to your bar POS system so you can spend more time managing your team.

Schedule your staff effectively with reusable templates that have drag-and-drop capabilities, labor-cost projections, and clock-in verification.
Tip management
Go from last call to closing in less time with automatic tip distributions that can be customized to your unique tipping rules.
Pay your staff accurately with a POS system that automatically syncs your time clocks, schedules, and payroll to ensure labor compliance.


SpotOn's bar POS system is designed to work with the tools you already use and love, like sales tax integrations and beverage inventory management with bottle tracking.

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Discover the bar POS system that works better

Finding the right restaurant POS system for your bar or nightclub can be challenging. Let us make it a little easier. Talk to one of our experts and we'll help you determine if SpotOn is the right fit for your establishment.

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