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Tip management

Make tip-outs quick and easy with tip management software

With SpotOn Teamwork, you can manage and pay out tips to your staff in minutes.

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Distributing tips takes time. And time is

Servers stay on the clock to calculate their tip outs. Managers record and sort those tips. And your staff comes by later to collect them. What if you could skip that costly merry-go-round? With SpotOn Teamwork, you can distribute tips digitally in a matter of minutes and ensure your staff gets paid accurately every shift.

Make tip out effortless

Digital for speed and accuracy

Get rid of cumbersome paperwork and make tipping out your staff quick and simple.

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    POS sync

    Simplify tipping for servers. A 2-way sync to your POS pulls in all credit card tips and lets servers know if they owe cash for tip distributions.

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    One-click tip out

    No more sorting and recording tips. From a dashboard, your managers can review, edit, and distribute tips for a shift with a single click.

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    Payroll compliance

    Ensure everyone is paid accurately. Automatically sync tip distributions to your payroll so witholdings are always compliant.

Tipping done your way

SpotOn's tip management software can be customized to work the way you work.

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    Tip sharing

    Empower your staff to give additional tips by percentage or by amount directly through the POS at the end of their shifts.

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    Set up tip distributions how you want. Your rules can be as complex or as simple as you need them.

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    Cash & credit card

    Reconcile all forms of tips from your guests—cash, credit cards, auto gratuity, services fees, and even sales commissions.

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No more bottlenecks

Let your tech do the desk work. With SpotOn's tip management software, your managers and staff can spend more time focused on guests.

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    Faster closeouts

    Get staff off the clock and out the door. With automated distributions, servers can clock out sooner and you can save on labor costs.

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    Less cash

    Stop stockpiling cash. SpotOn's Teamwork distributes tips digitally so your managers can skip the bank run.

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    Fewer errors

    Avoid costly mistakes. With automated tipping, say goodbye to miscalculations and handing out the wrong bundles of cash.

Go beyond tip distributions

More than just tip reporting software. SpotOn Teamwork comes with robust payroll, scheduling, and employee communication features too.

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Labor & scheduling

Tackle all your schedules in a fraction of the time and keep costs in check with powerful labor management features.


Take the headache out of payday. Sync your payroll to the POS to make payday fast and accurate. 

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who listens

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Your restaurant is unique. That's why we customize SpotOn solutions to the way you work. Our technology is backed by a few promises:

  • Honest pricing with no hidden fees and no long-term commitment
  • A local account executive that's ready to assist whenever you need help
  • An implementation team to set up your system the way you want it from the get-go
  • 24/7/365 phone support from real people that respond to requests within a few minutes
  • Experts who'll ensure your restaurant tech is running perfectly—today and tomorrow

See how tip reporting software can streamline your restaurant

SpotOn Teamwork can work on its own or with the SpotOn Restaurant POS. Get in touch with a sales rep today to see if SpotOn is right for your restaurant.

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